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What is Nextin Editor Color Standart Type


I want make same color on the Nextion Editor with CS6.

I choose the same color.

But there is a difference in color tone.

How can I choose the same color?

which of the many CS6 colors is it you are trying to match to?


Hi Patrick,

Any color. It does not matter.

I want to learn the method.

I choose the RGB color type.

I'm writing the same color codes as Nextin Editor.

But there is a difference in color tone.

Of course there is a tone difference

- first CS6 example is 24 bit RGB and Nextion is aligned to 565

  - this makes it that RGB's 16777216 color combinations

    are represented by Nextions fewer 65536 colors

    (256 RGB color shades have only 1 Nextion 565 ... and if ...

     the Alpha channel is introduced to 32 bit color then

     65536 RGB color combinations to only 1 Nextion 565 color)

 - the second issue is your CS6 example is composite.

   - it is made up of several colors by surrounding pixels

     and this influences the tone you see as a mixed average color

So you need to pick one of those different color pixels as the

  one you want to match to, use Paint's dropper, get the R/G/B

  values and enter these values into Nextion Editors "more colors" 

But don't be surprised by the two colors not perfectly matching.

Understand why there are differences between RGB/ARGB and 565.

A little to much blue, decrease a little until satisfied - remember 565 #

I'm understand, thanks Patrick.

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