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Waveform Text is covered


I use the Waveform, it works fine. But I would like to display the scaling (i. e. in s/div for the x-axis). I put a text on the waveform, but this is covered by the waveform when adding data per "add".

After "add" I refresh all texts with "ref", it works, but the text is flickering. Has anybody an idea how to improve?



design your waveform as graphic, including the scales and text ...
use the sta property for a graphic background ...

different scales and texts can be done with different pic propertys


(201 KB)

remove use of ref

after v0.39 the ref command is automatic

 - additional ref is redrawing same, potential cause of flicker

Hallo Gerry,
good idea, works fine, thank you.

Patrick, the other way round: The text does not change, so, no refresh. But: Waveform is changed and refreshed automatically (as you mentioned) and with this gets in the foreground with covering the text.

Thanks to both


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