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Suggestion for editor: selecting pics

What do you thank of adding possibility to select picture from list when assigning it to a component by entering its number? Now you have to scroll the list and click on picture, then click OK. When there are over 50 pics in project it becomes not very convenient. I understand it is not critical thing, but will add convenience to interface and seems not very difficult in implementing.

If its good - tell me, I will create topic in feature requests. 

you are to late .... :-) this is already requested some time ago and reported to dev ... :-)


Best approach is ...

 - search feature requests for where add by number is already requested

   and add your vote/comment to that request

When a request has 15 or 50 upvotes, it is easier to see many want this.

But if you have 50 requests requesting the same but only one or two

 - they sort down to the bottom with their 1 or 2 upvotes.

You may indeed have more people wanting the request - but it wont get noticed


4 people in more than one year is not a good base to arrange for changes ...


Thank you for link. Could not find it in search) I voted but i see.. not many people asked for it. But maybe Itead will be bored when all other requests are done and that is where this one comes up!

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