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sonoff TH16 Controlling temperature at specific times

 HI I have a sonoff TH16 with temperature monitor and a sonoff basic. I was hoping to be able to use the sonoff TH16 to sense the temperature and use a scene to turn on the TH16 and the basic at a certain time 8:30 and when the temperature is less than 19, then to turn it off at 9:30 or if the temperature is greater  than 22.

is this possible I cant seem to get it set up??

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I have been experimenting with a TH16 and TH10 temperature monitors-one for Heating and one for Water-I can setup scenes for both to control the maximum and minimum temperatures but find I can't set  times on any of the devices to limit when the temperature controls should apply. The logic appears to be If one OR other condition applies then it is ON rather that if one AND the other applies .If anyone has found a way round this then please let me know and that would help Tony too.  

OK I have received an email saying I can't do what I want

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