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problems by using VoicerecognitionV3 shield and Nextion 2,4" Display on Mega2560


I am using an Arduino Mega2560 with a VoiceRecogitrionV3 shield and a Nextion 2,4" Display. I have the following problem:

If I use

Nextion myNextion(nextion, 9600);

the Nextion Display will receive and send Datas without Problem, but I cannot receive Datas from the VoiceRecognition shield.

If I use

Nextion myNextion(nextion, 9600);


the VoiceRecognition shield works very well, but I cannot read Datas from the Nextion Display (if I touch a Button). The Display can only receive Datas from the Arduino in this case.

I tried to find a solution, but I found nothing. Perhaps someone can give me a Tip or a solution for my problem.

The Example Code is attached.



Ask the Authors of the library you use.

If the lib is the one I imagine, email addresses are in the code

Nextion myNextion is not Itead's code.

That is a good Idea. I will try to connect the Authors.
Thank you and have a nice evening.
Peter Dambrowsky


Alternatively, perhaps Itead's library may also be future solution

 - authors I don't believe have responded in about 2 years ~ish.

Research Arduino's implementation of Serial

 - sequential processing on non-multitasking MCUs will mean

   one serial is used at a time.

 - I believe Arduino's example of two serials is to toggle between

Research Shield used to see Sheild itself is not blocking Serial pins

But order of declaration lends to one at a time processing

I use only one serial at a time. That could not be the problem. I believe, that there is a problem with timer, counter or interrupt. I will try to connect the Authors of both linraries.
Thank you.


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