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Problem in installing TFT files


I tried to upload a Compbutton TFT(example file) to the Nextion 3.5 inch display using SD card. On checking the status of the screen, it shows files version is too low.

I even tried all the example TFT files in signix and itead quick guide but still installation is not happening.

I created one blank HMI file and tried to upload that TFT files.In that case also, its not functioning.

Can you give me the solution for the above problem?

Also, I tried to follow the below link.

I have followed the steps correctly. Tried to run the compbutton code in the terminal. But at the last stage sudo./ compbutton commands is not running. 

I don't know where the problem is? Given below is the Attachment for the above issue

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Sorry, I indeed didn't see your thread come in.

Refer to the * Arduino Nextion Examples thread pinned to top of Free Chat.

 - click on Nextion  (Discussion / Nextion / Free Chat) at top of thread

Can't miss it from the Nextion Forum overview.

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