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printh command sending incorrect values


I am having problems with my Nextion 3.5 inch basic. When sending the value 0xFF, with the printh command, i receive 0xF8. When i use exactly the same command and value on 3.2 inch basic model, I send 0xFF and receive 0xFF. 

I already tried the following: 

- Changed the baud-rate --> no positive effect

- Changed value to be send --> the received value is always incorrect

- Debugging in the Nextion software shows the correct value

Anyone else have the same problem? 



Upload both the HMI and the TFT used for the 3.5"

I do not see this as a firmware issue, as 3.2 and 3.5" use same firmware.

Here they are. 

Thanks for having a look! 

(22.9 KB)

I used Nextion Editor v0.46, NX4832T35_011, your TFT/HMI files

Recompiling your HMI was an exact binary match - no transient errors

I have successfully loaded your TFT over serial at various speeds to 3.5"T

I have successfully compiled HMI and uploaded TTL/microSD new TFT at various speeds

and specifically for 38,400 baud as per your photo

10 bits at ~0.2467083 milliseconds is within spec for 38400 bps.

My marker placement and timing is subject to minor degree of error


What you are most likely encountering is baud rate mismatch
I can also replicate "off-0xFF-results" when both sides are not synced to same baudrate
If a higher sender sends FF, a slower receiver deems transmission incomplete or
  faster receiver has misinterpreted bits before all bits have arrived.

You can put in HMI preinitialize event for first page
You can verify this with a Number Component
I would do this at least once on a new device

Some communication devices may require a preamble, Nextion sends such on power on.

You can choose to send the same printh 00 00 00 FF FF FF in preinitialize after bauds

But Nextion does not use an auto-detect, it uses the bauds system variable setting.

I am not convinced this is within Nextion firmware

if it were, the board would be full of reports reporting this

T series more popular than K, 3.5" third most popular within series

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