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dual state Button function Arduino uno and Nextion



Hope you can help me out, I want to control 2 relays ON/OFF, from my Nextion 4,3" screen to my Arduino UNO.


On youtube i can find plenty of videos showing how this works, but no code for the Arduino UNO. Can you provide me an example for a code. My plan is that the dual state button will change one pic. To another pic when I press it, this part I have figured out whit crop image in the Nextion editor. Also I have changed the config.h file so I can use RX and TX from Nextion to my Arduino. But can still not figure out how to make the code.


Thanks in advance Michael 

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the first step for getting a qualified answer is, you should post in the right forum ...

Nextion FreeChat is the better way I guess ...

Have also a simple search for "Dual State Button Arduino" and you already get many hits ...

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