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Nextion display is missing combo box or pull down

It would be nice to be able to present a field to the user and only allow them to input a set of values.  Also since the user is armed with only a finger or styles it's hard to enter values.

Combo box that when the user touches the field opens and shows a set a values to choose from.  Now you know what values they can enter and they can easily pick them.

Here is a sample display that shows such a pull down.


(122 KB)

How about using a sandwich of a text and vertical slider for that? The slider should be invisible and will be made visible in the touch press event of the text (that will hold the popup name or last set value). The slider background must be a cropped picture of all possible values, its val when touched then can be used to calculate the value selected. The touch release trigger then must make the slider invisible again.

I guess that could work.  The idea is to show the user the possible values and allow them to pick it without displaying all the values on the screen and having it cluttered with information they don't need to see.


And why did you show only tft? Where is how-to with source?


when you would have joined the "Stump the Chump" challenge in time, you also would have get the sources ...

the fact that you didn't is not our fault, sorry ... that all is clearly stated ...

Forum posting does not mean "Open Source" ...

at least it shows, that things like listboxes or combo-boxes can be done easily with existing. And no, that's no workaround, that's just using a visual design environment with some programming capabilities ...

and the rest is up to you ...

Wasn't the point of that topic to create how-tos to help users?

"Stump the Chump" <> "HowTo ..."

We will maybe use a few to create some HowTo's, but it is our decision, not yours, when and how we will do this, sorry.

You can read the rules on the initial page

    - A user providing an accepted ideas will receive all 21 solutions.

    - One must put a challenge forward to get a solution.

    - Onlookers only see the TFTs

I come here in search and for sharing knowledge about product.


so, next time when we start something similar to "Stump the Chump", just join, contribute, and you get things according to the rules ...

or just jump in from time to time and have a look for new "How To's" ...


Deal ! ;)

Deal !!!


Sorry, I just got my display yesterday and didn't even know what's out there.  I also don't understand the difference between tft and hmi.  I thought the idea was to share projects that people could take a look at and use to solve problems?


and that's good, we need more of such contributions ... well done

HMI in general

means Human Machine Interface

*.HMI in special

is just your Nextion Editor's single project source file, which contains all used of your project.

    - visual design and layout

    - used graphic ressources

    - used font ressources

    - used code and actions

    - ...

*.TFT in special

is the final compiled HMI project, which is able to run on your STM hardware aka your Nextion display

    - it contains STM machine code, the firmware

    - it contains p-code, which stands for your HMI design

    - the firmware is somekind of Interpreter-engine, which just runs the linked precompiled pcode of your HMI project

a carefully choosed variety of objects and code instructions give you furthermore the possibility, to design and code nearly everything you like ... that's the concept of Nextion HMI solutions ... like small lego bricks, which you can stick together to nearly endless shapes and solutions ...

Well if I try to run those examples, Combox or txtfader, with the debug tool I get:

Version mismatch:0.43

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

So what good are the tft files then.


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