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What component is this? U4

HI Guys

If anyone has the 7" TFT NX8048t070_011 can you please tell what compnent is at U4? 

Ive attached a pic. I have burnt this component out and wish to replace it.



Sorry, there is no technical information on such as this is close source.

Hi Paul

I have done the same, I mistakenly connected my display to 12V and burnt U$.

Have you had any luck finding information on U4.

or a circuit diagram. I hill then be able to work it out.

No sadly Patrick, this company has been nothiing but obstructive, hence I have gone with a much more reliable HMI and laughed off Itead.

Hi Paul

Sorry to hear Ilead has not been helpful, My display is 2 days old and now destroyed.

I will continue to find a solution, and keep you informed.

I may also have to change to a better supported display.

Sorry to hear you guys having problems with 12V on 5V device

What is publicly available on closed source, is already posted in the datasheets.

What is not in the datasheets, is not there because it is closed source.

When the user fails to read the datasheet in electronics ... really? blame everyone else?

5V 2A supply recommended  min 4.75V 5V typical max 7.00V

Reading helps. Spending time to understand what you are reading helps.

Nextion FAQs state much. 

It could even be repaired by Itead

- user must assume repair costs and freight both directions.

Such issues are handled in Level 2 Support Tickets, not public forum.

Phone number was available. "Open Ticket" was top of every page.

If I have issue with my car,

I don't post in the grocery market bulletin board and expect repair come to market.

Why would I not seek the proper existing channels and pay for the repairs.

But you expect me to think that because service doesn't come out to market

Then this makes a product unreliable - No

Product is 100% reliable with clean 5V 2A supply as recommended.

Go to the service counter at the door marked Service Entry.

Too lazy to walk to the service entry ?  Sorry.

"Open Ticket" was at top of page for 2 years on this forum.

On New forum ( Standard Support is in main menu.

New forum opened in Sep 2017 with advanced notices

This forum already closed since Nov 15,2017.

12V into a 5V device is just too much.

With the regulator gone and U2 then gone, plus plus plus.

Even if U2 was to be replaced, what else has been damaged

That is a crap shoot, throw dice against wall and hope?  Really?

No.  Choose Repair Service or new.

But seriously, no blaming for your lack of reading, on your mistake.

Operators were standing by, you were too lazy to call.

Seasons Greetings.

Well, now you know why I found another supplier!

However, normally I would just delete such purile responses and move on but this needs to be said, so that everyone else can learn from my mistake of wasting USD 90 on Itead.

1. I did open a ticket. You have, to date, not responded.

2. In the said ticket I explained that a colleague place a 12v + supply accidentally on the side of the screen. Which fried the system. I would have thought you would have included an OVP, but I was mistaken.

In this ticket I also asked:

 a. can you repair this item if I sent it back, and/or

 b. is there any way I could repair this item

3. I emailled you twice. The 1 st response from you was "god bless you"

4. The second response was "Sorry we cannot help you, buy a new item". Ergo, I did just that, I went with another make and model. 

5. As for being too lazy, YOU sir, were too lazy to answer me.

6. Yes, I will post on bulletin boards of my experience if the after sales service is of this caliber!

However, in closing, I thank you for sending this. It makes me very glad I went with another company.

Sorry Paul,

Posting in a public forum is not opening a ticket.  Email is not opening a ticket.

I have JUST finished with my fancy new lcd project. Had it working like a charm. When. Tonight a silly person to whom i was demoing it placed it down upon a 12v lead. And it fried!!! I need consolation. Tell me i will survive this calamity....

Clearly everyone can see in the above thread

 - "god bless you" is in response to you saying you needed consoling.

 - "god bless you" is indeed a message of consolation.


Jan 10, 2016 was also before my time.  It wasn't me you opened your ticket with.

12V is indeed not a warranty. 

South Africa - freight to/from ZA plus repair may indeed be more economical for new display.

But I also see no ticket opened.   Hence, I state for others - use the proper Service Doorways.

For the record:

OVP is on the Nextion ... but to 7V Max. as stated in the Datasheet.

And yet again.  Sorry for user caused 12V accident.

Nextion remains 100% reliable on clean 5V 2A power as recommended.

User accident again does not make it unreliable - sorry.

User accident is also not a manufacturers warranty for error in workmanship.

You asked for consolation - you were given consolation.

And if repair would have cost you more from ZA - you were given good advice.