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Using non-Latin characters

I've stumbled upon this seemingly small issue: I'm creating a user dialogue which involves using non-Latin characters in my txt fields. The problem is that Nextion Editor doesn't want to understand them and whenever I try to write something into a text field, it just substitutes it with question marks.


1) By writing:

 Message.txt="non-Latin symbols"

I get Message.txt="???????".

2) If I try using C hex syntax:


then Nextion throws an error saying that I have improperly used escape characters.

Any suggestions on how to go about solving this?

Only three escapes are currently supported \r \" and \\.

ANSI Keystrokes for keyboard entry .. ie ALT+0255

Device in HMI is set to char encodings ie iso-8859-1

A few other rules

 - Char is a numerically byte/dual-byte

 - font is ord(char)-32 for offset in font preview (ascii/iso)

 - char must be in font begin used (as in line 6 above)

Unicode/UTF-8 needs to be converted to HMI (line 3 above 

Chars are based on HMI chosen encoding

Can be adjusted with Font Editor

(if using ZI Font Editor - send requested email for Manual)

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply, everything's in working order now. You've been a great help!

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