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TH16 Auto temperature setting resolution


I am using the TH16 as a thermostat for my apartment's room temperature, and has proven very handy for this. I can now set a different temperature for the nighttime or periods when i am away.

The only problem is the way you set upper and lower limits.

I like to have the temperature set at a steady 21 degrees celsius, so i put in 21 degrees as both the lower and upper area in ewelink.

The only problem is that this setting means that it only kicks in at temperatures lower than 21.0 degrees, and switches off at temperatures higher than 21.0 degrees.

This means that it kicks in only at 20.0 degrees, which i feels is to cold, and switches off at 22.0 degrees which i find to be too hot.

Is it possible to maybe add a decimal point to the values than can be set?

Even if your sensor has a resolution of 0.5 degrees, you can still set up ewelink so that the difference in temperature equates to just 0.5 or 1 degrees.

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Hi, I have the same issue, and it would be great to add decimals to temperature. Thanks
Please add
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