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controlling two or more sonoff switches with alexa

Hi, I wanted to go ahead and have alexa control two more more sonoff switches in the same we way control them using the scene function in ewelink.

How can I get alexa to turn of two switches at the same time.

For example I have a desk lamp and I have ceiling lamp.

I want to instruct alexa to turn on my ceiling and desk lamp at the same time.


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Has anyone come up with a way to control multiple sonoff scene function with Alexa app

I too want this ability, I've got three switches in my office and if I want to put them all in with alexa I have to go through them in turn. I've created a scene in ewelink fan, but can't figure a voice command to make it work so all turn on at once. This would be a great way to make epic scenes in your home.
You can now do this in alexa app. You will need the new ewelink smart home fan skill. With this installed alexa seeing the individual sonoff devices. So all you have to do then is created a group in the alexa app.
Well Mike you are right by George! Works a treat! I've now setup a scene so all my lamps turn off/ on along with my tv via a broadlink! Epic!!!
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