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Save tm0.tim value to eeprom


I have 7´´ enhanced display.

And I need to save user data to eeprom 

default value tm0.tim=20000

save new user value to eeprom - wepo 1000,10

but read doesnt work :( any solution ? or help

i tried to put here 

tm0 - event -    repo x.val,10     dim=20


or here 

postinitialize event - repo x.val,10  tm0.tim=x.val  

but page still dimm after 20s :( not new user save 10s

You may need to re-describe your goal and hurdle

Nextion Instruction Set :: wepo

wepo att,add

    att: variable/constant

    add: storage address in EEPROM 

wepo 1000,10 stores value 1000 at address starting 10

  bytes 10,11,12,13 is used for storing numeric value of 1000

repo att,add

    att: variable/constant

    add: storage address in EEPROM 

repo x.val,10 reads numeric (.val) 4 bytes from address 10 into x.val

   bytes 10,11,12,13 are read and placed into x.val

So here are a few questions:

   are you trying to save user data when timer is up

   or are you trying to get value for timer interval

You only posted 1 dim command .... dim=20

if there is no other dim command to make brighter

then dim should maybe still be 20 until new dim assigned

Timer was set to 20s ...tm0.tim=20000

  - where is 10s assignment

  - repo x.val,10 pulls 1000 from address 10

  - tm0.tim=x.val puts value 1000 in tm0.tim ... is 1s

Take a breath, work out when what is saved

 - when value at address needs to be reused.

Also if brightness is value stored, why not dims command?



thank you for fast answer.

1. Iam trying to get value for timer interval

2. I have in touchrelease event reset timer tim0.tim=20000 dim=100 but I need user value how tim after to dim screen if no touch 

3.I put manual wepo t0.txt,10  where t0.txt is 10000 i checked what is saved in eeprom repo t2.txt,10

4. I used dims for alltime but I need brightness down if no touch  after x.val  

So in trying to get value for timer interval

 - there is a setup for such where value is stored 

 - wepo x.val,10 is only needed during the setup set event.

In PostInitialize Event after page default values (as set in static HMI loads)

 - repo x.val,10 // to retrieve this from eeprom, effective for current page.

 - tm0.tim=x.val // set timer to value retrieved into x.val

 - alternatively, if dim to occur after every 10s/20s regardless read directly into

   repo tm0.tim,10

Your logic is reverse, on no touch, then dim

 - this means running a timer (call it tm0) that at the end dims low.

   in timer event when time has expired dim=20

 - however, this means that every spot where touch can occur

   those touch events need to reset the timer.

   - On press ...

           tm0.en=0  // stop the timer from dimming

           dim=100   // bring the brightness back up

   - On release ..

            tm0.en=1 // restart the timer

Alternatively, to coding all touch spots with the above

   this is very very close to sleep

Preinitialize Event

   thup=1 // allows touch to wake Nextion device

   repo thsp,10  // read value from add 10 eeprom into thsp 

   // where thsp is time in seconds NOT milliseconds until sleep.

   // wepo value store at 10 needs to be number of seconds

I tried again again again but same result :( please check my HMI test files 

(11.1 KB)

You have stored t3.txt at address 10

- value of t3 is .txt 5000

- txt-maxl of t3 is 10

- therefore 11 bytes (txt-maxl) of eeprom will be used

- bytes 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 and 20

- next eeprom usable address 21

- bytes stored as bytes (let's convert ascii to hex to view)

      0x35 0x30 0x30 0x30 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

repo then reads x.val of 4 bytes from address 10

   0x35 0x30 0x30 0x30

This is in little endian order smallest byte first

  - the math on this is  byte0*1+byte1*256+byte2*65536+byte3*16777216

    so 0x35*1+0x30*256+0x30*65536+0x30*16777216

       in decimal 53*1+48*256+48*65536+48*16777216 or 808464437

  - we could verify this by printing x.val out to debug from the MCU

      but this becomes undefined when timer is 2 byte limited

      could be 12341, could have failed totally

      again, we could print out tm0.tim to debug from the MCU

So, you see where what such code has done


In your write e you can convert .txt before hand then store .val

- add line above the wepo command

   cov t3.txt,x.val,0

- then change the wepo command to store x.val at address 10

   wepo x.val,10

- change repo in read eeprom to a number, and cov this into t1

   repo x.val,10

   cov x.val,t1.txt,0

Now when you read a number in from address 10, it is the as same stored

- 0x88 0x13 0x00 0x00 or 5000 in decimal

Many roads lead to Rome, you could also have used Number Components

  delete t3 and replace with n0 - set n0 to 5000

  delete t1 and replace with n1

then in t2 write e

  wepo n0.val,10

then in t0 read eeprom

  repo n1.val,10

Awesome thank you for exhaustive and detailed answer finally I understood   really thank you

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