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compatible ?

Hello ! May I know is it this nextion touch screen compatible with Skynet firmware on 3d printer or not ?


certainly not out of the box ... the Nextion is no replacement for any simple display out ...

just to clarify

by default, Nextion displays offer a HMI concept by design. Even a small STM is used for underlaying work, the Nextion neither offer all STM available things to outsid nor is it a standalone replacement for generic displays. It is what it is, a HMI concept. A Human Machine Interface.


Wow which mean that , what ever you want you must create some kind of coding so that you can use right ?

And what is HMI and STM stand for ? sorry I am not a programmer , so I am poor on this thing :(

And thanks for the quick reply :)


Wow, again Skynet?  Sorry.  Answer already told in ticket.

Those who could make it compatible to .. would have already.

But the effort for such, that author must be willing to give software.

Physically, Nextion sizes do not line up to LCD size

- so it would be a mod and not a drop in replacement

Has this type of thing been attempted for other 3D printers?

 - Yes, indeed 1 such project won second prize in Nextion Challenge. MK4duo

in general, yes. Only turn power on, won't do a lot ...

"It is what it is, a HMI concept. A Human Machine Interface."

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Programming would indeed be a prerequisite requirement. 

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Ha .. I don mean the Skynet firmware , cos I found someone use marlin and myth to use it , I just need to confirm the Skynet can or cannot only , so for the coding this display I really bad on it , so really many thanks on the info , this is really valuable for me , thanks again :)


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