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is it  possible for mcu to detect a event when timer is enabled / disabled .

Just like button is detected by b0.attachPush or Pop.

can one do it with t0.attachTimer?

I want to use a timer in nextion display and take a action on arduino side 

e.g. turn on/off relay.

Nextion Timer Component do not in and of themselves have a touch event

- therefore some other Component would have such touch event to start/stop them

Perhaps use the touch event of such component that is starting/stopping the timer

If the timer is triggered from MCU side then perhaps send command over serial

  sendCommand("tm0.en=1");  // trigger timer tm0 to start

  sendCommand("tm0.en=0");  // trigger timer tm0 to stop


Well its other way round

I am setting a timer from nextion display hardware

It stops after preset time.

after it stops I want detect that event on MCU side 

is it possible with to.attachTimer()

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