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Sonoff is always offline

Hi Support Teams

I buy Sonoff products to sell in Viet Nam about 5 months ago

This time, I bought 30 pcs. I try to setup it but all is always offline. I try in iOS or android and different account, it still offline . I setup sonoff successfully many times before. I thinks error in hardware, service or sortware. I sent feedback in eWelink with email 

Can you help me ?

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Yes, I have this problem. How can I resolve?

Sonoff FAQs, look for section Device offline - follow link.

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follow which link?


Hello, I have a similar problem with a sonoff th16, the device is paired to APP but is offline.
checking connection on the router, device is trying to connect to server at port 8081 that is not answering sync requests.





Substitude IP address of to


Right now for some reason current IP doesn't accept connection to 8081 port, but the old one - does. You can check it by:


telnet 8081


telnet 8081


Here is an example how to make a substitution in Mikrotik router:

Open Winbox

Get to "IP > DNS" menu

Click on "Static"

Click on "+" (add static DNS entry)


Regexp: <leave empty>


TTL: <leave by default [1d 00:00:00]>

Click on "OK"

Close the DNS Static subwindow

Click on "Apply"

Profit! Now your POW is online!

Very bad product,not working for a day,always offline!!!!


The same here. Work only one day. Then offline 3 days in a row. Very bad.

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