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Sonoff always offline

Hi Support Teams

I buy Sonoff products to sell in Viet Nam about 5 months ago

This time, I bought 30 pcs. I try to setup it but all is always offline. I try in iOS or android and different account. I setup sonoff successfully many times before. I thinks error in hardware, service or sortware. I sent feedback in eWelink with email 

Can you help me ?

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Please use Smart Home Forum

This is the Nextion Forum


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Ok thanks you. I will move topic

Go to actual forum thread, you will see near top

Discussions / Nextion / Report a BUG

Click Discussions

Click (Smart Home) Free Talk Near bottom Page

Open thread there

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By the way when you register these devices

It is causing all kinds of issues for users you then sell them to

Please spend a bit of time in the Smart Home forum

- see how many issues are created with people having already registered device

Please look for yourself such damage such setup causes

I see no reason for you to configure - these should be New in Box for Customer.


We must test all product before selling. Last time, we test all and they work normally but this time all was error. I read all last post and can't find error to repair. I am a engineer. Can you guide me to repair it ?

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