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Nextion MAX7219 8x8 x2 LED emulation

Hey Guys

There are several projects out there using the popular MAX7219 8x8 LED modules. I got to thinking I could make something similar with a Nextion + MCU (of choice). After some hacking of the Arduino MaxMatrix library I came up with the result you can see in the video.

This was more just an experiment of again shooting lots of serial data at Nextion and seeing how it coped. 

It's not brilliant for sure but I recon it could be much improved if Nextion did a bit more of the work by decoding a text string for the DS Button logic, say something like sending va0.txt="011001000011101101010001010101010001010101111001011"ÿÿÿ for each frame.

Then using the sub-string and array functions to do the switching. Instead of 128 separate instructions of bt0.val=0ÿÿÿ. 

One for you Patrick :)  

If anyone wants the code, please comment.


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Okay, cause not every one has YouTube, I added a pic (plus it's my +1 LOL)

Okay Steve,

Here is an 8x8 X 3 Matrix all in Nextion Logic and using your font.

Default msg.txt is your Hello World @ Nextion

But just send msg.txt="This is my new message"ÿÿÿ

After that the Nextion Logic kicks at the end of the current message.

 - substr, strlen, for-loops, and b[id] arrays galore

 - timer event shifts columns and hotspot event gets font matrix.

 - using GUI instead of components

 - all of this slows Nextion to close to effectively ~100ms per column.

Perhaps the extra 8 columns to shift plays a tiny role

 - but mostly it is so many substrings and mega if list to get font data for char.

   - nice to see variable width somewhere though


I'll leave the NX4832K35_011 v0.46 TFT file and tomorrow try and get a movie

(163 KB)
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