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My NX8048K070 turns my round object into ovals? What is wrong?

My new Nextion Enhanced screen seems not to work as i wish. I drawed some round gauges. They look allright in my Editor (version 0.46). On the screen, althougt, they are oval. What could possibly be wrong there?



(2.47 MB)

 without seeing your HMI, there is not much to tell. Pls. upload ...

The pixels on the 7" display is not squared you've got to take that into perspective before stating the design.

The aspect ratio for 800x480 does not match the visual are for the display 154.08 x 85.92 .

I am sorry, but such pixel resolution and aspect ratio will vary from monitor to monitor.

Even for panels, from tablet to tablet, phone to phone, laptop to laptop.

The Nextion device is pixel based using basic mathematics to render.

Such skew correction for visual perfection might occur in the desktop world

but not for a simple HMI device with no graphics card.

Speaking of panels and different sizes
I'm in the middle of a new design and I couldn't find any model for the 5" tft panel, so that I can model it in my 3D CAD software.

Any datasheet for the panel would be of a greaaaaaat help.

I know that's here is not the place for the subject but thought why not.


Thanks for your comments up and till now.

I include my HMI file this time. You will see that there is no problem. Further more, I signed the Gauges in een program called Inkscape. I did it using Pixels for the correct dimensions. I own a 3.2 enhanced screen also. With that screen there is nothing wrong. Thats why i am confused about this, the 7" screen, problems.

Thanks again for your respons!


Ben Vogelzang.

(2.56 MB)

@Mahmoud - yep, wrong place and off topic

Data Sheets are found:

In Nextion Editor, Help menuitem of Help Menu

 - Launches Nextion HMI Solutions page in Browser

Select DataSheet for 5" ... Goto Product Demensions

 Follow through till you have PDF

Thanks for that but that's not what I asked for.

I already modeld the 4.3 model

I need the panel dimensions so I can model it.

No problem though.

Thanks anyway

(1.85 MB)

So it is NOT the 5" dimensions that you asked for?


I mean that the design that I showed above is a replica from the original TFT panel and Connectors datasheets and using your PCB outline to make a Model with interactive MCAD
I can use it with cable harnesses and connector features in the MCAD software.

But thanks nonetheless 

Check this Link


Perhaps you can explain more clearly what you are looking for.

This went off topic for too long sorry.
I'm looking for the datasheet for the 5" TFT panel so I can complete my replica 3D model with high detailed features.
Good for cable management and beautiful presentation .

I can make measured model from the Nextion itself but it wouldn't be as accurate as the Datasheet based design.

But again thanks for your help guys.

That PDF has the measurements (as shown in the picture attached)

I fail to see how this is different from what you describe you are after

Everything from width of board to width of microSD card

Distance from holes, all measurements labeled in design sheet

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I am sorry, Mahmoud, but you are indeed off topic. Please open a new topic for your questions.

In the mean time, I am hoping on a resolution for my problem...


Ben Vogelzang.

Indeed it was off topic Ben, but I assume Mahmoud's resolved.

There is no solution other than rework graphics till it suits your taste.

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