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Select how Nextion display sends data

For the new CTP models that are not yet available to the market, is it possible to implement something to change the return data?

I.e.: -  Instead the returned data is ended with three bytes of “0XFF 0XFF 0XFF”, the returned data will be for example: -


and omit the three bytes of “0XFF 0XFF 0XFF”

The data from MCU to Nextion display stays the same.

This could be implemented as a Nextion HMI System Variables List. Like one can change the baud with `bauds', one can change what the Nextion will send.

Note. The request is that there will be two types of data that can be selected.

1) Is the normal way how it is

2) Is another set, for example #NXT to be sent at the beginning

It is far more easy for a microcontroller to wait for a specific character at the beginning rather than the end.

As the CTP are not yet being sold it is best to implement this now.


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This is already implemented in print and printh commands

Refer to the Nextion Instruction Set

Although this is an advanced topic, total flexibility can be obtained in code.

Code will cost more in interpreted commands for time to render

Code will cost a bit more in number of string/attribute count used (max 65534)

Such customized returns is user domain to implement

All outbound has left Nextion standard output

Firmware does not change because of CTP, only touch driver enhanced

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