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Sleep mode "thup" wake up page problem

I have 5 pages project. I put thup=1 on page 4. When nextion is in sleep mode on page 4 when wake up then go to page 1!!! I want when Nextion is in wake up mode then go to page 4. It is possinle?

Referring to the Nextion Instruction Set -> System Variables -> wup

so in your HMI project set  wup=4, it will wake up on page 4

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Martin I have problems there.... In page 4 I have : Preinitialize Event : dims=28 thsp=180 thup=1 wup=4 When screen wake up then open for 0,2 sec screen 4 and the go to page 1.... :-/
Hello this is bug or something else?

Create new page

using arrow up in page pane until new page is in #4 position

place text component on this new page

 in .txt field put "new page 4"

compile and run as usual

wup=4 will wake up to page 4

so something inside your other old page 4 is causing your error

wup=4 I put it in page 4? And where? Prenitialize or Postinitialize?

As wup is a system variable pre/post wont matter

 - just as long as set before needed

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