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Nextion restarts sometimes

Hallo, I wrote a program using Nextion 5" connected to NodeMCU.

The program has "screen saver mode": after 30 seconds the Nextion's screen is set to brightness=0.

Sometimes (random times) happens that, with screen saver active, when I press the screen (there's an hot-spot on entire screen) the Nextion restarts, so all the info are lost (I'm sure that restarts because on serial I receive 0x88 code)

The same happens if I, instead of brightness=0, activate sleep mode (with thup=1 in the Nextion's code).

I don't know why this happens. Someone can help me?

Thank you


My first thought is to look at power supply source.

Are you indeed providing Nextion the recommended 5V 1A

Yes, it's connected to 5V 2A psu (without any other component connected).

In the last 2 hours I made some tests, all worked fine. Few minutes ago, after updating NodeMCU program, the issue happened again.

I experienced that after this auto-restart the display become very slow to accept and execute commands (about 1 second to draw text in a object), so I need to reboot all.


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