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tx nextion problem while arduino send to rx nextion

Hi from france. i'm sorry if my english is bad

i have a big problem with my arduino and my nextion 3.5".

i need to monitoring my arduino in real time , so i send   myNextion.updateProgressBar   to my nextion( by nextion master lib)

it works great , 

but if i need to change the page on the nextion and stop the monitoring  ( and send component value to arduino to stop myNextion.updateProgressBar .)

the arduino don't recieve the message  and continue to refresh bar on the wrong page 

i think the problem is the arduino myNextion.updateProgressBar .

if i add a delay  ( approx 1sec) on my    myNextion.updateProgressBar .

so nextion can send the component value .

i tested  clear buffer ( code_c) ,com_stop com star, but it doesn't work.

i hope to be understand.

i make a small videos to see my problem , 

when i'm on live screen , the nextion don't send the value to the page change


Wrong concept.

Nextion is not an MCU monitor, Nextion is HMI device

   HMI - Human Machine Interfacing, input / status.

Nextion is serial device, max 115200 baud, 9600 baud typical.

   @9600 baud, max 960 chars per second

Arduino is microprocessor - MCU.

   MCU controls your program, send status to Nextion HMI

   MCU program should be in control, have priority.

   Want to debug and get many messages - use Serial Monitor.

Delay?  Bad move.  Delay means halt until such time passes.

   Arduino MCU or Nextion will do NOTHING during this time

Timers are used to do something 1 second later, and with timer

   MCU still processes, your code still runs - when time up on

   the timer, what needed to be 1 second later then runs.

Delay means stop everything, stay on this line of code until.

You should plan and strategize with this in mind.

i think the problem is data in the buffer 

when i add a delay on my arduino , the nextion can execute all in the buffer and i can send the component value who can it read after by the arduino

i suppose while the nextion  buffer isn't empty it  can't send value to arduino.

Data in Nextion buffer is max 1024 bit/ 128 bytes.

Command in Nextion buffer needs to be terminated by 3 0xFFs

 - it is on receiving the last of these 0xFFs that Nextion processes command

So if data remains in inbound buffer,

   it is because the last of terminating 0xFFs not yet received.

If data remains in outbound buffer it would only be because

   MCU is not receiving it from port to put in MCU buffer

Delay could certainly cause it to not to be received

When does Arduino move from port to MCU buffer?

 - either in beginning of nexLoop()

 - end of Arduino loop() after last line before return to top of loop()

 - explicit serialEvent2() triggered after last line of loop()

Also ... myNextion.updateProgressBar 

  this is not IteadLib Arduino Nextion Library

Perhaps ask authors of that library how it works.

yes this is not iteadlib , i have also this lib but i don't understand all and i can't do what i wan't.

in the begining i white my arduino program only with 






but i have the same problem .

i'm going to try the official itead lib.

Other things to consider.

If your plan for your MCU sends out to component on HMI page

   and you have changed page on Nextion device ...

This means component on HMI page is no longer in memory

   unless user specifically sets component to global scope.

Command becomes invalid when component not loaded

 - but you would receive this via your Serial Monitor

Nextion Instruction Set sends Return Data when bkcmd is set

So if your code does not display such so you are well informed

 - it is because you are ignoring the debugging tools at hand.

Catching the Return Codes sent by Nextion

  creating meaningful message based on and send to Serial Monitor

Create Serial.print commands to send to Serial Monitor

Use millis() and microSeconds() so you understand the timing

But from what you describe it is your code creating your issue

Understanding the code is Arduino C++

 - programming language

 - Arduino compiler

 - Arduino IDE

 - capabilities and limitations of your MCU.

This requires looking in documentation of each.

Iteadlib code is available to read and modify.

Code you introduce:

   serial.print("j0.val="); // missing semicolon?





If this is sent to serial, it goes to Serial Monitor, no?

It's because you send by loop program in arduino. Try using printh to request data from arduino. Then detect char or hex in arduino. Then use timer in hmi to request data from arduino. Before send hex use clear buffer in timer interupt

Rather than use printh, one could use the existing

Nextion Return Data from the Nextion Instruction Set

Iteadlib is a effective framework for 0x65 touch events.

User did not use sendme and listen for 0x66 page change event

 - if they had then mcu side would have reacted to page change.

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