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Anyone know any commands when entering page 6 starts to run the sub routine? In the mega arduino;

there is no such command ... the Nextion can't call a sub-routine on an external Arduino ... only the Arduino itself can do this ...  :-)

Além disso, ele pode executar uma função de loop If, quando a troca de página mostra true no if e executa um acesso de led, se ele não desligar?

Also, it can execute an If loop function, when the page exchange shows true in if and executes a led access, if it does not hang up?

put sendme in page 6.

You will have to get Arduino to catch pages 0x66 Return

  if page 6 is #6 pageno then 0x66 0x06 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF will be sent

This you much catch and upon catching, trigger whichever routine you like

I know it was not nextion here and has several libraries, which starts from this command sent in the arduino.

Thank you

Please try to elaborate, I believe the English is problem

- I am not certain of your request or now the status of

If using the Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library

 only a few lines need be modified in NexHardware.cpp  NexTouch::iterate function.

0x66 Nextion Return Data in Nextion Instruction Set is 5 bytes

follow the pattern there used for the 0x65 Return Data

I am using the lib ITEAD Arduino Nextion, the own that you have available in the ide of arduino, I say when I enter in if (which command that follows?) I send the hex of the page?

Sorry for the language

The one inside the IDE of Arduino is not the IteadLib Arduino Nextion Library.

The IteadLib Arduino Nextion Library github is here

 - Found in Nextion FAQs found here:

As Stated above

put the following command in Page 6 preinitialize event


 When Nextion changes into page 6 it will send

   0x66 0x06 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF

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