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Help building arduino + nextion aplication- willing to pay


I'm new at this and was hoping I can get some help building an application.

basically the nextion allows a user to select 2 variables from 2 lists of variables (which can be accomplished maybe with 2 radio button lists, but would be more elegant if user can actually click up or down to scroll between 2 lists). nextion also displays a value sent in from arduino (actually a 0-5v analog signal). the arduino will read the 2 selected variables, and compare them to the signal. accordingly it will display if signal is acceptable for the 2 variables.

I'll try to give a small example:

let's say the project will display optimal tire pressure depending on tire model and season, for example.

so the user has to select the season (by choosing between"summer", "winter," "fall" or "spring") as well as tire model (say he chooses between "michelin" "goodyear"...). the arduino meanwhile has an array that hold the optimal pressure depending on season/manufacture combination: this values are pre-entered by me in a chart (there is a total of probably less than 30 combinations).

now, the nextion also displays the actual pressure as relayed to the arduino by a 0-5V analog sensor. if the value is within an acceptable range from what it should be the nextion displays a nice green all ok. but if actual pressure deviates too much message will be blinking red and arduino might output alarm.

Ok, that was just an example but basically that's all the functionality I need.

I'm willing to pay or barter for whomever is willing to hlp me out!

I'm a penturner and can send you some really nice one of a kind pens, or perhaps one of my paintings... or if you don't give a sh*t about my stuff I can pay hard dollars... tho my paintings are really not that bad!

Several things missing from your description

  - what model Nextion is this to be attempted on?

  - which model Arduino?

  - how much Arduino space sram/flash is available for Nextion

Perhaps you are no longer interested

 or it has gone to your spam folder.

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