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Changing Object Id's

Hallo, this issue was reported many times and you replied it's not a bug, ok.

In one of my application I've, for now, more than 50 objects; during developement it's normal to modify severals time screen layout, or adding temporary text objects for debug.

So it's unacceptable every time I've to waste a lof of time to modify the code to reflect new ID's for almost 35-40 objects.


Ever thought about reading in the current IDs at program start? There is an ".id" attribute you may use, as in "".


There IS a way to change the IDs.

  - Arrow up and Arrow Down from the Toolbar under Menus.

As you have pointed out correctly

 - this has been reported several times

 - several times, it was diagnosed as not a bug

 - several times .. user informed how to do.

Repeated reporting does this not change.

When you have items you don't want changed in future rework

 - send them to the bottom with the lowest .id values.

From that point if you aren't making additional changes to them

 - they will not be changing, only the new above.

If a user is unable to understand the ordering concept

 - it would be a bigger mess bubble sorting 250 components

 - which components should or should not be displaced by direct change?

IF you have 50 items and change item 27 to 12 how does this not effect

even more items that the one you have changed?

Arrow Up ... makes this component now the highest .id number on page

 - All above it just before move, now reduced by 1

 - All below it just before move - unchanged.

Arrow Down ... makes this component now the lowest as .id of 1

 - Page is always .id 0

 - All above it just before move - unchanged

 - All below it just before move - now incremented by +1

The massive importance of the .id attribute is critical

 - it is used to look up component in component table.

Without such, the users HMI would not function

 - firmware would need to be bloated beyond capacity

And yet again, this remains an issue of user understandings

and still is not a bug.


I am having a similar problem.  Following your instructions change the id to min or max (1 or 24).

I can't seem to increment, i.e., 1,2,3,4....24.

Can you please clarify or restate how to do this?

Thanks, John.

Highlighted in Red

Arrow up makes last ...

Arrow down makes first 

so with 1 .. 24

  when #7 is highlighted and arrow down

      7 becomes 1, 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 ... 6 becomes 7.

      8 remains 8, 9 remains 9, 10 remains 10, ... 24 remains 24.

  when #20 is highlighted and arrow up

      21 becomes 24, 22 becomes 21, 23 becomes 22, 24 becomes 23.

     20 remains 20, 19 remains 19, ... 1 remains 1.  page is always 0.

oh so it changes all id's?  what if I just want to change one id to match one on another page?

not mandantory. It works as it was designed for some reasons ...

not everything somebody want he can do, but I guess that's a limitation of everything out. Just learn how to use it as it is ... it won't change for good reasons ... independent if you like the reasons or not ...

so yes it changes every id tag?  not just the one intended to change?

Put 5 numbers in front of you. Move one to another position.

How can moving one not effect the order of the others.

Please reread information in this thread until understood.

As I stated last night

 - not every id changes, depends on direction of move.

 - and impossible to affect only one, at least two.

Sorry Stephen

This is not a bug

What is a bug is users posting is a closed forum.

The techniques when followed save much headache

and when documentation is ignored is users own fault.

This forum CLOSED!