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Sonoff Switch Pairs but will not connect to WiFi

After Successful pairing and Renaming the device it does not connect to wifi and Green light keeps blinking, tried to delete and repair but no luck.

One device is connecting and another - Does not.... :( 

4 people have this problem

i have the same trouble with several devices... indeed one of them (sonoff 4ch) it worked well, (testing), but when i place into final position (diferent wifi router)... it doesnt work, i can succesful pair, but after it... green light keeps blinking


I have the same problem, except the unit is now 2 hours away. Has anyone resolved this issue as yet


I have exactly the same issue. I saw on YouTube a video from a guy, who shows nicely what the problem looks like: pairing problem.

Still no reply from support on this issue. Anybody there?

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