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Ifttt / Workflow support

I would like to use my sonoff with my programming app ( workflow / Ifttt) , but i cant, because it isnt support none of that. How can i integrate my sonoff switch to workflow / ifttt app?

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Please Please Make Support for IFTTT !! and give us a statement about this

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I vote for this (IFTTT) to happen.

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just vote, there is no need to repost, we count the voters, not the posters sorry ...

anyway ...

"No VaporWare Policy ..."

sorry, when we have something to publish, we will be the very first who will do ...

We won't state any about things which are not finished. It wouldn't be very seriouse to give any ETA or other promise, which we maybe can't fulfill ... too many things can happen which may influence a given workflow ...

And there is nothing more bad than delay a given promise ... so, we just don't do ... sorry ...

Just stay tuned ...


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Я голосую за IFTTT!

Enabling IFTTT integration will add smarter capabilities to Sonoff devices on top of direct voice command afforded by Google Home. You can add scripting triggers based on events like when you come or leave home, get a text or email message, weather/temperature reports and may-many other triggers offered by IFTTT. You can also log your device activity on Google Spreadsheet. Yes, IFTTT integration will be very useful.

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Here's another vote for IFTTT Integration!!

 vote on the initial, and don't repost again and again ... nobody will go thru a X pages thread and count ...

IFTTT  .. Please ....


Yes please! Ifttt for me too.

I also request IFTTT support.  This would allow for sunrise/sunset timing of lights through Weather Underground app, which offers a sunrise/sunset trigger associated to your specific location.


Great products!



Yes please! - Me too for IFTTT  :-) 

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