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Ifttt / Workflow support

I would like to use my sonoff with my programming app ( workflow / Ifttt) , but i cant, because it isnt support none of that. How can i integrate my sonoff switch to workflow / ifttt app?

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@Kat @Jerry and team

I can find about 6 devices of my 12 in the list , some are the basic 10amp and yes the TH16 is in the list  even the POW 16 device is on the list, but not all devices and not sure why.

i have these units working in two counties and its a MIX which is in the list, totally random .

but looking forward as this develops as RF bride will be a treat.

PS the 10am with RF control is in the list.. 

HI , quick update.

i now have  6 of 17 Devices listed, maybe this is firmware update , now updated all firmware and maybe this takes a little time for IFTTT to update and register devices ?

i have logged both accounts IN/OUT, nothing yet, maybe this will take a few hours to update ?

any advice is welcome 


@Kat griff and @Brian English

Indeed - it's now showing up - no idea why it wasn't previously. It's showing under the single switch.

Thanks both of you.

Now if only there was a way to get the damned Temperature out of the thing...I'd be able to track temperature over time...

Since yesterday, all of my devices are appearing which that is very good. I am able to set a command between on and off. But I would love to TOGGLE my devices. If it's on, turn them to off. And if it's off, turn them to on.. The wemo smart plus has this functionality at the moment and it works very well! Please add TOGGLE action.

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Looks like all the Devices are now working, but one question for the community.

I have created/configured an Applet using a Single channel 10amp, (lock door as i leave the Area).

now i want to make a 2nd and 3rd applet, maybe turn off pump/lights etc etc, but now, No Option to make a 2nd Single channel Applet , only a 4 channel ?

can we only make one applet per 1 channel and 1 for 4 channel ?

sorry if i am being dumb or missed something , but any constructive advice welcome .

thanks in advance 


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You cant add more than one Than clause but you can add multiple rules to one event so "if doorlock on then lights off", "if doorlock on then pump off" etc

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@Rob Reynolds, you can always try Stringify! It works with IFTTT and hence it would work with the new Sonoff integration! :)

Thanks Brian , i'm guessing just make scenes within eWelink .

No you create applets within IFTTT, ewlink scenes don't work at present

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Ok, will look tonight, but it was not so clear this morning. Regards Rob
@ Alejandro Rodriguez Mann.... not seen this at all.... Please Send some more info..

@Rob.Just create an IFTTT account, link it to your ewelink account (by email address)  and you will be able to see all your devices under the Ewelink smart home service. After that it is just down to clicking the If and then icons on the applets screen.

IFTTT integration is now available. Select eWeLink as the IF (Trigger) or THAT (Action) service (assume one has an eWeLink account to log into). 4, 3, 2, and 1 channel switches are supported.

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I cannot get my single channel to work with IFTTT. I can see my Sonoff's device name listed (MyDevice....) in IFTTT once I logged in to eWeLink but when trying to turn on or off, the switch does not respond. 

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any ideas?
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