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Ifttt / Workflow support

I would like to use my sonoff with my programming app ( workflow / Ifttt) , but i cant, because it isnt support none of that. How can i integrate my sonoff switch to workflow / ifttt app?

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this is on my wish list, either google assitant or IFTTT

please please 


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Can we associate IFTTT? If yes, how ? The IFTTT tab is useful for what in the application?

Best regards

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This would be a really nice feature. I also would like to use IFTTT od even MQTT with my Sonoff products.


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I really want to link sonoff switch and sonoff wall switches to my nest thermostat so when it senses me walk down in the middle of the night to make a bottle for the little ones it turns on some lights, please look at this as a priority 

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Yes please! I need this too!!

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Hi! I would also like to see this happen :)

Please add support, so many IoT providers have already attended....

I would also like to have it.


Plus one.

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Support for ifttt would be the best thing that can happen to the sonoff platform.. please make this happen

Fully agree ifttt interface support would open a world of possibilities, would be highly appreciated and a lot more sale for ITEAD

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I'd like to have IFTTT support as well please.  

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Me too for IFTTT

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