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Arduino Nextion LED On/Off button


Helllo, i wanna control my arduino with the Nextion Display.

I have create a simple button (switch) On/off functionand activate "send Command"

not i have try to get the received the command and get the LED get but it dont run.

do you have a simple .ino with discribtion fo me?



and about what are you talking ??????????????????

    - Uno
    - Uno Ethernet
    - Mega
    - Mega ADK
    - Leonardo
    - Due
    - Micro
    - Flora
    - DC Boarduino
    - USB Boarduino
    - Menta

     - ...

     - ...

Please see thread called

* Arduino Nextion Examples

it is for a Arduino Nano. I have use the Example but it dont run.
I have used Port 1 and 2 for Rx, Tx
but with the example sketch dont run with the arduino.


yeah, the model just won't match. That's all ... normally this Examples are developed for Uno or Mega ...

Nano <> Uno <> Mega ...

You need to understand where the differences between Nano and e.g. Uno are. According to this differences you need to modify your used Examples code ...

ahhh.. ok.
this is no problem. i can take a arduino uno or mega.



What arduino can i take with the example without having to change it?

 exactly the one, your used examples are written for ...

Hi, now i habe Use the arduino mega with the example here compbotton. i have load the tft File to the nextion. All ok. now i have add the itead library to arduino Software and open the compbotton.ino file. look what These say

Did you put #include "Nextion.h" in your top of sketch?

Is Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library installed?

look here. now i habe delete and add the library again. i habe Compile without error. i call nextion.h and I have add Your sended library. now i get error at serial monitor
ans this here

Try plugging Nextion into TX2 RX2

You currently have plugged into Serial

- which by default is for Serial Monitor and debugging

IteadLib is configured via NexConfig.h with default as Serial2

(Library should now be in user folder inside Documents/Arduino/...)

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