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NX8048T070_011 wont load sd file.

I have just bought a NX8048T070_011 7 inch display. I try to load a new file from SD card and it shows the following message on the screen. Model does not match Device Model; NX8048T070_011R I made sure My sd card was formatted fat32. I tried uploading a blank project. did not work also. I don't see a selection for device NX8048T070_011R only NX8048T070_011 I opened a ticket 3 days ago. No response yet.

Upload the files you have tried loading.

I believe your ticket was filed to the wrong department

Similarly your other topic opened in the wrong forum.

 attached is the one i think should work for my screen. but i have started a new project and tried every single option and none worked.

So what department is the correct one to open a ticket with? there is only 4 options and I would think "Tech Support" would have been the correct option. Guess not.

(129 KB)

The blank.tft you tried uploading to your Nextion was created for the 7" Enhanced

In Device settings, you need to select Basic and then NX8048T070_011

Yours was created with NX8048K070_011

Ticket Support is limited to Level 2 Hardware support

- meaning dead or dying Nextion's like Emergency room at hospital.

It is not for coding questions, or other errors.

 - other than if the Nextion is dead or dying.

I'll try it again. But a week ago I tried all the options. Will let you know.

A compiled TFT for the K  Enhanced models certainly will fail on Basic models

First, the amount of flash is lower (64K basic) and Enhanced uses 128K.

With the blank.tft you provided, it would be wrong chip code trying to activate IO that is not there

Enhanced has GPIO, an RTC and EEPROM that the Basic models do not.

The error you got was rightfully saving your Nextion

I have closed another ticket.

This thread will be where we handle your microSD issue.

OK Patrick you win. Tried it with the basic and it works. Thought I had tried that before but obviously not. Place I bought it from sold me the enhanced but sent me the basic. Thanks for the help. Problem solved.

On the bright side, coding the Nextion is a lot more fun

Happy coding.

Also note that there is advertisings out by some for Intelligence version

- but Basic and Enhanced models are the only available

- reading into the ad, its the T Basic models that are offered ...

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