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Cant get it to work... :-(

Hi folks,

first I´d like to intriduce myself:
I´m 56 years old, live in Germany and love canoeing and making knives for hobby. Sorry for my bad english, but it´s awhile ago I was in school...
For I´m a very beginner in programming either Arduino or Nextion, it took me quiet a while to get the things going the way I wanted them. Reading a lot through the web, trying tutorials and changing the codes to my purposes, I finally came to my first really working script with the Arduino.
I found out that Arduinos are cool for some purposes and I thought, it would be nice to have an Arduino (Mega 2560) setup to control the positioning of a sensor tray I moved so far with a hand driven spindle. The first script was written to show the parameters (it´s only two of them) on a LCD from Nokia (5110). It works fine, but the problem is that this display is way to small, even though wearing glasses, :-( so I had to get rid of this lack.
I tried to use a regular TFT-screen but this ended with problems with the resolution and a lot of wiring so I gave up this way real quick.
Finally I came to the Nextion 3.5" and think I´ve got a good solution.
I started with the samples and got them to work, but I have few problems in understanding. The examples are either only workable witout an arduino or so complex, that I miss the basics.
Where can I get som real basics to start with? Like I have an Arduino, build my first page and show somtext on it, like "Button pressed" (not from the touchscreen!) or so?




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Hi Freddie, welcome to the Nextion world ...

The Nextion is accepts much of its commands via text over serial
These commands can be found in the Nextion Instruction Set located here

As well as the list of Nextion commands, the Nextion Instruction Set also has
A list of the valid Nextion Return Codes and the format of the expected data being returned.

Other samples and Tutorials can be located in the Itead Blog located here

Further Information can be found in the posts in the Announcement section of the Forum
Nexion FAQs
Nextion Users manual

Most simple start is, create simple HMI's, without any Arduino connect, and play with the debugger. All you send there to the simulated Display, can also be send over serial via Arduino ...

There you can see and observe, how all works together ... and when finally all works inside the debugger, try to port your commands to your Arduino ...

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