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keybd password

Hi, I'm using the keybd to change the page,

In this code of the keybd where I place password and which command I use when the correct password change page,

This is done in nextion edit or arduino ...

User's choice how you like to implement

But in the keybd you have some code already with password for me to start. Use the nextion keybdA edit 0.43



  cov input.txt,p[loadpageid.val].b[loadcmpid.val].val,0





page loadpageid.val

Please elaborate about "password"

if we are talking about the page locking password

 - this is to protect page on page export

 - when you like to share page design in *.page format

 - this "password" has no bearing on running HMI

If not - I am not sure what you speak

Tell me so I can try to help

If you are talking about the text component .pw attribute

all this does is mask the .txt value with the asterisk * char

I have the page 1 when pressed open the page of keybord (keybd) which I want to put a password and when the password is ok he will go to page 5.

Alter your steps in your logic flow

Requirement page 5 requires password login

User is on page1, wants to get to page 5

 - user clicks to enter page 5

   - button takes to "page login"

   - text on login page uses .key attribute

   - button on login page

      - compare if t0.txt

      - if t0 = login requirement

           then go to page 5

        otherwise - go to another page


This logic I thought, but I do not know where I start on this keybd page, can you help me by doing some examples?

My opinion is that you need more time becoming first familiar with

   Nextion Editor, Components, Nextion Instruction Set

Code you don't understand does no good

   only breaks when you don't understand

Play with Text Component first many times

  put text component on page

  make global by changing .vscope

  change .key full qwerty

  change .pw to Password

Run this page, understand how keyboard works

  then add what you like to do based on results

With such Text component global and .key set

  click text component launches keyboard

  click letters on keyboard

  click OK button - returns to page with Text



  page 5



  page 1


Thanks I got it, simple I was not understanding. Thanks for the help

I would avoid making the edits in the keyboard page.

Then the whole keyboard is only good for just this.

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