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NexVariable cannot setValue

In Arduino UNO R3 code

Arduino Code :


// Initial 
uint32_t number;

// Config NexComponent  local = NexComponent(pgno, compid, "objname");

NexVariable bv0 = NexVariable(0,1,"bv0");

// When button callback, I set some value to bv0

void buttonCallback(void *ptr)


uint32_t number;
bv0.setValue(number);   // not crash but not work


Nextion HMI Code :

// In Timer Code run every 100 millisec





Full ino code please

Also HMI ... the code is a snippet that I provided

but may not match what your HMI needs

   Follow below

#include "Nextion.h"

NexButton b0 = NexButton(0, 5, "b0");
NexButton b1 = NexButton(0, 13, "b1");
NexText ta0 = NexText(0, 2, "ta0");
NexText ta1 = NexText(0, 4, "ta1");
NexProgressBar mj0 = NexProgressBar(0, 15, "j0");

NexVariable b0Val = NexVariable(0, 7, "b0_val");
NexVariable b1Val = NexVariable(0, 8, "b1_val");
NexVariable refresh = NexVariable(0, 9, "refresh");
* Register a button object to the touch event list.
NexTouch *nex_listen_list[] =

void b0Callback(void *ptr)
	uint16_t len;
	uint16_t number;

	uint32_t vNum;


	b0Val.setValue(1 - vNum);

void b1Callback(void *ptr)
	uint16_t len;
	uint16_t number;

	uint32_t vNum;

	b1Val.setValue(1 - vNum);

void setup()
	Serial.begin(9600 );


	/* add setup code here */


void loop()

	/* add main program code here */




Your code has changed from what you posted above.

Assuming Variable in HMI with objname b0_val has id of 7

and other assumptions

 .. press and release of b0,  ...

Nah I have to stop.

  your callbacks are not defined properly

Too many issues, I have no idea what you understand.

len and number defined as int16_t's for what reasons?

if(bv0.val==1) .... in timer - nothing in Arduino side matches

And why Serial.begin(9600);  ?

 - NexInit() suppose to take care of

 UNO only has 1 serial, suppose to be taken up by Nextion

You are all over the place.

 - coding MCUs is exacting - they do exactly as you tell them

But again, I have no idea from your changing code

   you can't just throw copied lines and hope it works

   you have to program purposefully telling what you want done.

For now  

I have set wire GND from HMI connect to USB and MCU. It works.

Thank you

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