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Error: Too many instrucitons. (current:67150max. limit:65534)

Hello everyone,

i have now more than 65 pages with only componets like buttons, text and pictures, but am getting an error of limitation. I included not much self code. Is this an hardware problem or is there a limitation from the Nextion Editor.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Best regards


Yes, in Bugs we already know about.  Indexing error.

Lines of code/Attributes, the issue index wrapping 16-bits.

Please upload HMI file

Thank you for your quick response. Do you have an solution to solve this problem maybe in v0.44?
This is an engineer project for a company, so i cant upload the HMI file here.

Do you have some tips to lower down the lines of code/attributes?

Best regards



Could you send to my email

It is hard to give tips without seeing it.

You have to envision a data table (columns/rows)

For lines/attribute there is a 16-bit index -2 as row number

 - you have reached 67150 - 17 bits.

Each of the 16 Components and the Page Component use rows

Picture and Hotspot are among the lower

Text and Scrolling Text among the highest.

I have done a bit of work to determine these values

 - they are rough values and can vary depending on chosen options

 - these are counts without any code lines


-- Component --   Attr/Ln
Page                 15
Text                 17
Scrolling Text       89
Number               15
Button               22
Progress Bar         15
Picture              12
Cropped Image        12
Hotspot               9
Gauge                14
Slider               15
Timer                19
Variable              4
DualState            28
Checkbox             26
Radio                24
Waveform          59-91


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