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Nextion sleep mode vs dim vs other

I have set my Nextion to go to sleep after 30 seconds no touch. thsp=30 thup=1 But because my arduino code only sends a command either by setText or setPic when the state changes the Nextion does not,see it if it is asleep. So on wake up the Nextion state is the same as prior to sleeping and not reflecting the current values stored (and previously sent) in the Arduino. Is ther a way 1. On wake up asking the arduino to resend current states or 2. Just setting the screen to dim=0. But is it the same thing and then the same commands to wake the Nextion back up )set the screen back to the bright setting) Thanks Ben

Ben.. It's not clear what your question is?   I use dim=0 which allows my MCU to send updated values that get updated on the Nextion. So, when I send dim=50 (or some other value), the Nextion lights up with updated data.  If you are trying to enable sleep to save power, then you may have to come up with another way. That said, dim=0 saves power by not lighting the TFT, and it allows the Nextion MCU to keep processing commands over serial.

Sleep mode (sleep=1, or sleep entered after no input via settings)

- will have communications (to receive a sleep=0), but reduced functions.

Therefore, updates should "wake the Nextion" (sleep=0) before update

then re-enter sleep mode after such updates are made.

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