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Nextion editor set background color fails

 While creating a project, I set the  display background to blue.  It saves and compiles OK.  But when I load it to the display the fields are all there but the background is a weird rainbow colored grid of lines.  I'm using the latest editor on Windows XP and the 7" enhanced display.


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The above post was created for me by an Itead employee who moved it here from Bug reporting.  The screenshot included is from the Editor, not the physical display.  When clicking on any of the fields in the editor, the background looks solid blue.  But when clicking on the background area, the white vertical lines seen here appear.  When clicking on the Debug command, the background turns white.  When running the compiled tft of this project on the actual hardware, the background displays as a jumble of rainbow colored lines.  But this isn't a display issue, it's an editor issue.

I was asked

"I am curious what steps you took that led to the effect."

I just set the background color to blue and then created a bunch of text fields and one waveform field.  The text fields use two fonts I created with the font tool.  That's all.

So as stated, I am wondering what steps you took in your design.

As per the FAQs, ticket support is limited to Level 2 Hardware support.

And it is not our task to debug, but I have narrowed down the culprit out of curiosity.

Correctly stated, it was created after received via Ticket support

- Bug Reporting, is another section of the Forum located upper right

So here is what you will need to do to correct this issue.

1) Create a new page with the + icon in the Page Pane

2) Go to the offending page, select all components on page

3) Control-C to copy

4) Go to the new page created in step 1

5) Control-V to paste

6) Delete page0 with the x icon in the Page Pane

7) Double click page1 to enable editing of page name

8) rename page1 to page0 and enter to save

9) Save HMI project and rebuild with the Compile button.


But I am more interested in how you came into this situation.

- the details that you are leaving out.


As we see from the screen shot in debug mode, the background black color is the strip on the left.  When this is placed on a display as a TFT, the uninitialized section will be filled with uninitialized data causing the funky colors as the other data gets interpreted into 565 color format as the remaining pixels get filled in.

So I can definitely see why you got the result you did.  But the steps leading up to it, is where I am a bit fuzzy.  Since I know both the "where" and the "what" is the cause - the mystery remains a how.

I will also clarify for all. 

Debugging is NOT part of the tasks for Ticket Support

- Ticket Support is clearly for Level 2 Hardware support.

- As such, the Ticket would need to be closed.

To determine more further from debugging on personal time

 - this then becomes a Free Chat topic.

This is not even a Nextion Editor Bug - which would go to Report a Bug if it were

- I will state this on the basis that ...

  - There are over 50,000 Nextion HMI projects I know of created with Nextion Editor

  - In each of those projects, the Page Component is set to Header settings

    (picked by the user in selecting their device and orientation),

  - These page dimensions are not exposed and adjustable by the user.

So I am curious as to what was done to alter the Page Component .endx attribute.

- this is two specific bytes needed to have been altered from 0x1F 0x03 to 0x1D 0x00

- this isn't done by the Nextion Editor, as stated, page width is taken from header settings on the creation of the page, and there is no such Nextion device width to render an .endx value of 29.  29 is also unlikely number chosen by a user.

- we see that even though this single attribute was changed, the Editor is still dealing in 800x480 device resolution.

Other tools involved?

1. Thank you very much for your suggested solution.  That worked perfectly and saved me the time and trouble of having to recreate the entire project from scratch.  I appreciate the time you took to look into this.  And thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

2. There's really no need to be so surly.  I saw a big menu item on your site called "Report a BUG", so that's what I clicked on.  If the fact that that's not what to click on is documented in your FAQ, then that's lost on me.  The meaning of "Report a BUG" looked pretty unambiguous to me and did not raise in my mind the need to ask any questions.  If that was the wrong venue, then you could have simply relocated the question without berating me over it.

If you need additional information, then just ask for it.  Kindly refrain from belittling me in the process.

3. No, there are no "other tools" involved or other anything.  I didn't alter anything in your file nor would I have any idea of how to do that.  I just clicked on New to start a new project, set its background to blue and then added all the text fields (and the one waveform field) you see in the photos.  I also made two fonts (which look exceedingly ugly).  I saved my work periodically as I went along.  That's all.  If the internal binary structure of the resulting HMI file got corrupted somehow then the only possible explanations I can think of are

    a. ) cosmic rays
    b.) my cat walked on the keyboard in the middle of the night
    c.) there is a BUG in the editor.

A. seems unlikely and I don't have a cat, so that leaves c.  I'm a programmer myself and quite familiar with the "it works for us so it's not a bug" line.  See

Please also consider that I am your customer and that I paid real money for your product.  If you don't want to help, just say so.  And see no. 2 above.



Please do not mistake me providing facts with an intention of belittlement.

Recognize Facts, details and accumulation of combined community knowledge.

I am a glorified Nextion user with duties, this is neither my software, nor my product

I am one of user's voice to the company and recommend from community input, before I was given such duties, there was little to no help in the community.  I was given these duties because of knowledge and abilities.  This is my personal time to look at your issue.

Help is what I did, by going above what my duties were, to debug your HMI file to find the error in HMI and supply you with a means to "fix" your problem.  Did I not just do that?  You admitted the steps saved you a lot of work ... So why say "if I don't want to help ...?"

(PS: No topic was created in Report A Bug, perhaps clicked new Support ticket by accident)

But also review your own no 2 above.  There is no need to slam me for helping you.  Easy to make corporate type jabs, but I am not the corporate, I am a fellow user.  I don't give you a line to dismiss, I review the facts at hand to perhaps locate solutions.  I know how the Nextion works, two stray bytes altered in a stray manner not consistent with the Editor TFT build process - (list out attributes into huge lookup tables)

For this I stated clearly above - The mystery remains the how.  To me, that is an acceptance the event occurred - so definitely I query what led up to it.  I didn't give you "it works for us so its not a bug".  Had the headers also shown a 30 pixel device width in the header - then the width-1 in those two bytes might be an Editor Bug.  But this also wasn't the case, the header showed 800 width. 

So No cat?  Perhaps cosmic rays.

But don't crap on me for helping.

Just a few facts ...

    - nothing happens without nothing

    - in 99.9% of all cases where a customer tells "I didn't do anything" it comes out afterwards to 100%, he did

    - this was obviousely a coding bug or a cosmic issue

    - the bug was NEVER posted in BugReport

    - instead a support ticket was opened

    - you even didn't show all details from the very beginning

    - Patrick closed this ticket and reopened a FreeChat topic about

    - Patrick even spend his spare time to dig in this without a need

    - Patrick found the issue and told the solution to you  

    - Solution worked, according to your own statement

I really don't have any understanding for your blaming, that we don't like to help, in the same post you state that our provided help worked well.

Our duty is to keep the forum in an order, it is not our duty to digg into such issues. Even not for a customer, sorry.

When we spend our time and provide help for such things, it also shoud be respected and honoured ... otherwise just do on your own.