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Was scrolling text added to v0.36 ?

 I found this announcement 4 months ago in "new version 0.36" saying

"2. Add a scrolling text control."

I assume it meant "added" as if implemented. But checking Nextion Instruction Set page did not show anything "scrolling", neither "moving"....

So the question Was it implemented or not?

If yes, is the instruction page getting updated? This according to the announcement suppose to be there since older v0.36 , the latest is 0.43

If it is there where is any info on using it?


Version changes are found in "Download the latest Nextion Editor

 - all versions from v0.33 to present available for download from thread

I have to wonder what version Editor you are using ... ?

Have you not been upgrading as new versions are being released?

Version v0.36 has definitely added Scrolling Text Component

 - and has been in every version since v0.36 - implemented

Scrolling Text is not a command, It is a component

- as such it would not be listed as command in Nextion Instruction Set

Users are more than capable of adding to canvas, activate in Debug

and play with its attributes to see its wide ranging capabilities.

Q: So the question Was it implemented or not?

A: It would not have been put in announcements if it were not so.

a Control aka Object is per se no Instruction, so nothing to update inside the InstructionSet documentation ...

maybe just a look onto the Toolbox is enough to find the missing? :-)


(155 KB)

It is noteworthy to add that each scrolling text uses up one timer

There is a maximum of 6 timers usable per page/HMI

Scrolling Text will not restart scroll until all text has cleared box

So it is a different component? If it is not in Instruction set I have to rephrase my question :
where is information on using "scrolling text" component" ?  Google search does not show anything.


Scrolling Text not popularly used component.

Little benefit in an HMI design, so not surprised little used.

Please feel free to download newer version and experiment

the information is just inside the Editor itself ...

    - click the Scrolling Text Object ...

    - and it appears magically on your canvas ...

    - and inside its property panel, you can find all its properties ...

    - and all propeties have a context sensitive help hint ...

that's all. Besides downloading and installing the free Editor from Iteads website ... nothing more to document about ...

    - 0.36 implemented

    - 0.37 implemented

    - 0.38 implemented

    - 0.39 implemented

    - 0.40 implemented

    - 0.41 implemented

    - 0.42 implemented

    - 0.43 implemented

so ... available since a long time ... sorry, but I really have my doubts about the seriousness of such postings ...

I see.
Can you please suggest web page which describes usage of most components if not all ?
That would be faster to start using a new component to save time...
are you really seriouse?

just use it, 90% of all properties are same than from any other object, and the 3-4 new properties you even can't try out and read the supporting hints?

Please don't waste our time with your trolling ...


You will not be saving time, it is taking more time.

Help -> Help from Nextion Menu

  (loads Nextion HMI Solutions Page into Editor)

  follow link to Nextion Editor Quick Start Guide.

I followed that help - no help pages there. Quick start guide does not cover most component's details. I have many questions on some usage but ping-ponging each of those through the forum is too slow. That's why all software have how-to help pages.

Gerry has been helpful, plenty of tutorials and help.

The detailed pages you seek do not exist.  I won't be documenting such super details when users do not read what is already posted, and make no effort to try to do themselves. 

Perhaps someone else will document such for you.  It is not hard to learn by doing.  I practice I strongly recommend as it is the method I find users retain the most from.

There is also the Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library - it comes with the functions for each component.  The Examples show enough in .h and .cpp files for each component.  Examples have HMI and ino code pairs.  Such examples pretty much show how each is done.

Even if user does not use an Arduino MCU, the code base is sufficient for any other language to be implemented over serial for any MCU that has either hardware serial or bit-banged software serial.

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