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How can I store a variables value from the nextion tft in a arduino code?

Well, here is the problem:

I want to send a value from pressing a button on the Nextion tft display, to the arduino.

I can understand I need to use the "get" variable when the button is activated in the Nextion editor.

Then how do I read this value in the arduino code?

Any help will be appreciated.

Question has been answered less than two days ago

will not keep repeating

Patrick, can you link me to the answered question?

I shouldn't, I am not librarian - was third in Free Chat List

Title is Getting Number Value From Nextion

Swap NexNumber to NexVariable

.getValue(&number) and .setValue(number);

Please review NexVariable.h and NexVariable.cpp in library code

Please review Nextion Instruction Set

In raw char format  you need to send

  get va0.valÿÿÿ

and wait for answer as per Number 0x71 Return Data

  0x71 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF

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Thanks mate, didn't mean to rude when asking. Cheers

I hope I wasn't rude either

Answering the same questions over and over every week

Just hoping someone reads what is already written.

If there are really 100 distinct questions in 600 Free Chat

I think I would be surprised

Cheers, and happy coding

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