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b[] array:data lookup_table/function jump_tables - multi-fingered dials

the b[] array can be used as a value lookup table or a function call jump table by doing a click b[],0. It is a shame there is no b[array] variant to access global data/functions in a similar way.


On another thread someone was asking for example code to manage multiple fingers on a dial well this does that.


To trace the code start from the timers in page1 that emulate the calls from your external controller - NOTE: I got bored so the functions finger_data11-15 have yet to be finished when the respective globals are created in page2.


An event type of "value update" would make interfacing from an external controller more efficient.


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Added a screen shot of your dials to your thread in Gallery.

There is only one b[.id].attribute component array

- it is more versatile than you give it credit for.

You also have an event type of value update

- either within a timer code, or click event as you are doing.

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