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Hi guys

I am using an arduino MEGA and using 2 displays on serial 2 and serial 3

I have a bunch of relays (48 total) connected to my arduino and I am controlling them with the displays. 

What I am trying to do now is to make a software using PROCESSING to communicate with the arduino (activate the relays) and at the same time send this information to the touch screens.

Has anyone tried this communication PROCESSING -> ARDUINO -> NEXTION ?

Any opinion will be more than welcome.

You use USB serial communication between Processing and Arduino.

Have a look at this tutorial:

Thanks Raphael.

I am checking it up. Not easy because I am using 4 serial, 2 to control my 2 nextion touchs + 2 from data I receive from RS232 devices.

Anyhow, the link you sent is a good start.


Do you use the two Nextion displays just to show status/information, or do you also use them to send commands/values to the Arduino controller?

So, both nextion displays send information to the arduino when buttons are pressed on both screens and they control around 48 relays. 

When using the processing software it will be used only to show information that is clicked on the software but the arduino needs to activate the relays according to the buttons I press.

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