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No elements on page responding after flash; page works in debug window

So I am just now beginning to play around with this display and all of my other buttons on the home page work except the thermometer (page2), which is also the only page I have added stuff to aside from a simple return to home button. Nothing on this page responds to touch input. Obviously there is some offending element, most likely the customized slider, but it compiles without error and runs as I expect and want it to in the debug window so I am at a loss as to how to fix it.

(188 KB)

Show you INO code for your Thermometer.

My bet is that you are overloading and not allowing your thermometer time.

Many such thermometers need 750ms,

if not triggered within a condition based on a wide enough time spread

then you are choking your MCU from receiving serial from Nextion

At the moment it is literally just me trying to get the interface sorted; I have yet to connect it to my arduino or anything else that involves sending or receiving data. The specific bar in question does not receive a value, it is just to set it based on where the user slides it. 

recalibrate touch sensor with touch_j command (put in a button press)

slider sends, digits sends and scale sends

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