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Access to the port "COM7" is denied


I am new user of nextion lcd. I was testing it with arduino mega 2560 and starting with CompButton example. However i get some problems. The button do not response when i pressed it and when i try to connect the 'Access to port "COM7" is denied' appeared. Please advice if i had missed any steps.

Connection of lcd to mega. RX of nextion to mega TX2 and TX of nextion to mega RX2.image

CompButton sucessfully compile and Done uploaded. The serial monitor showed as follow.


When i tried debug at nextion editor. 


Thank you in advance for your concern.

Sorry, dealing with the COM7 used by Arduino Serial Monitor is not Nextion issue

- you must become familiar with your MCU, Programming Language, Compiler and its Tools.

I will help with Nextion issues.  I can not tutor Arduino, programming, electronics.

Make sure Arduino Serial Monitor is closed before trying to connect Nextion Editor Debug.

You can't have both on the same COM port at the same time!

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