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Arduino --> Nextion serial and dim = 0

I have expanded a Nextion 5 ", which is on an Arduino Mega 2560 Operated. Without the Nextion Lib, I do not like Lib's. The Nextion receives its data from the Arduino serially. Everything works. But if I have the display lighting via a buttom to "dim = 0" Then no data is received or processed. What parameter do I need to put the where for the Nextion to continue data Received and processed when the lighting is off?

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"dim=0" is correct, the other "dim = 0" is incorrect.

Data will still continue to process if dim=0, but how could we see

I can confirm Patrick's statement.. I was just playing with this last week and data is still processed and updated on the Nextion while dim=0.   In my sample, I have a clock updated every minute.  My PIR sensor turns the display off (dim=0) when nobody is around. When I walk in the room, it comes back on and the clock is up-to-date...

Sleep is where less processing occurs over serial.

Turning the screen low does not have sleep effects

Turning the screen low has similar effects as changing colors

PS: Technically, a date-time could only be a confirmation if such date-time is from MCU and sent over serial.  If date-time is from a Nextion side RTC on an enhanced model, it is possible to not notice screen refresh ... technically speaking.

To clarify, my NodeMCU sends the time every minute over serial.

=)  Then that Dave is a righteous confirmation ... LOL

I ponder if you should mention how much work you put into your project

or if such would be too frightening for onlookers

Over 100 hours on WIoT-2 but that includes prior effort using a non-Nextion TFT and a RA8875 controller.

Yeah but hey ... its a nice project and showcase what effort can yield

Andreas says thank you


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