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Picture Browser can't scroll

After loading more than 348 pics into the editor I can't scroll to the end to see the loaded pics although in upper corner the counter indicates 355, and the last pic is cropped in the browser.

But you still can use the pic command and edit the pic ID but you can't select from the editor.

I think it might have something to do with the limit of the browser for the loaded pics into the editor

Size of pics?

Not all of them are the same.
but for the most parts nothing more than 256x256

and a few 800X480 for the crop
But I didn't exceed the flash size for the 5" model which is 16MB.

Mr. Patrick Martin  

I would like to know how long this bug will take to get fixed.
I'm running late as it is already, so please I'm waiting.

Like Right Now Waiting!!!

LOL ... I can be helpful as I can, but please exercise restraint

Please upload your HMI so I can look

Sorry but I can't upload the HMI file

But I can upload a screenshot of the problem

Here it is.

(171 KB)

Why can't you upload the HMI?

Hard for me to test if this is Nextion Editor issue or you windows settings.

With HMI, if it happens on my system as well, then maybe editor issue.

OK are you up for an Remote control session so I can send you the link

then you can see for yourself or I can send you the file privately. 

I have reviewed your HMI file and it appears to be a hard limit at 348/350 pictures in the editor.

Your HMI and My Report, has already been sent off to the Development Team recommending raising this limit.

So, this will be prioritized and fixed in a future version of the Editor.

I do not control the dev teams schedule, I can not state what I don't know.

However, in the meantime.

In reviewing your HMI design, there are several recommendations that I can present

- Combining background and picture static picture elements into single page background

- Try use of GUI designing commands to place 1 picture of 8

  example the eight flag picture resources need no use 8 separate pictures

  - this technique has long been used in glyphs

    combining the eight flags (resizing US to be uniform 45x30 with others)  a single flags resource of 360x30

    when needed, use an xpic gui command to pull and place the needed flag as needed

Your picture resources could be reduce dramatically

Not like this is solved yesterday, but 2:05 ... it rarely gets any quicker

I didn't implement the whole elements yet.
I have like tons more pics. Unfortunately the text command is no good at all. with the crushed letters and no transparency support I can't do anything with it let go it not having the support for Middle eastern Languages.
and GUI designing command , ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
They're so bad that the fill doesn't match with the draw, no rounded rectangle, no triangles what so ever, and no way to animate any of these command.

By the way why the GUI designing elements isn't in the editor as shapes to draw into the page why do I have to write a two pages long code for a simple picture.
There is wide area for improvement on the editor but you're team is taking baby steps into the thing like some sort of side product.

Right now I have like 7 product that have the Nextion line.

But at this rate of improvement I would have to switch to other options especially for the transparency and animating issue (i'm not speaking about big animations, Just moving a pic)
It would be amazing if the Displays would support dual buffers to support these features.

and still no looking at the code, So I should guess what commands should work and what wouldn't.

I don't have a list of the supported commands and yours is not complete.

I can't comment a paragraph of code I need to comment every line separately.

This is not a rant although it seems like it, just a reply from a customer that been using the nextion from the start. and I would really hate it to switch to other products but without any more crucial feature I have to eventually.

one more thing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Why the SD card is just for the firmware update I mean it would be of a great help to have the extra storage for bigger files even at low speeds.

I would cut it short (LOL)

But believe me I have way more to talk about.....

Shall I dissect your rant?

Middle Eastern Languages support?

 - okay Arabic certainly needs a generator to join characters properly

   - this is nothing that can be done by a limited MCU

 - Turkish is supported via iso-8859-9

 - Hebrew is supported via iso-8859-8

Fonts are transparent, in a mono-bit fixed width

 - Sorry but you need to use fixed width fonts

 - I even provided the community with a ZI Font Editor, but so have others

As someone who devotes time to this community to help get past hurdles

 - I certainly wasn't expecting your "**** ***" ranting response, Sorry.

 - I give you my expertise, so you can better deal with your Nextion project

 - You can take my advice and recommendations, or you can struggle

The development team does not release "personal versions"

 - this is no drive through coding, new versions released at 8:00 3:00 and 11:00

The Nextion is an STM32F103 .... simple MCU, lots of HMI power.

 - Nextion HMI Projects take hours and days, not weeks and months.

 - As an HMI device, it is most certainly an awesome tool

   - I agree it fails as a tablet.  When a tablet is needed, use a tablet.

   - when Nextion fails your project, other choice is 1000 for Samsung

      and that will be 6 weeks just to learn your dev tools.

And if you were using Nextion from the START as stated then:

  - 1: You know the development cycle for new releases

  - 2: You know the massive betterment from v0.32 to now v0.43

  - 3: You know the massive difference in support since I and Gerry took over it

  - 4: You know such "Need a new release in 3 hours" is stupid to ask

  - 5: You know where the Nextion Instruction Set is

        - and that is complete except for basic t0.txt="Hello"

        - and perhaps the latest in page index

  - 6: You know it is an MCU and fixed with fonts - just like old school computer systems

Back in a moment, others to help

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First sorry if I seemed offensive I didn't intend to be.

- "- I certainly wasn't expecting your "**** ***" ranting response, Sorry."

I wasn't ranting I took the chance that you're online to address some issues.

and you've been of a great help in the past for a handful of topics.

and about "personal versions" I'm not asking for one right now or ever.

I just would like to know if this problem would be solved in the next release or so.

I didn't know that you took over the support with Gerry but I think that was obvious with the huge difference in the support that was given and the issue addressing.

and once again I apologize for even seeming offensive to you or your team, but I'm sure to never insult anyone.

again thank you very much for your efforts and your team's.

Here's the scoop.

7 months ago the board fell into disarray.  Questions unanswered for weeks maybe months

No users jumping in to help users.  So I started.

4 months ago, Itead secured Gerry and I.  And we are the users voice to Itead and development.

We also put out tutorials on how to push the Nextion beyond what was thought possible.

Gerry is in China Time, I am -12:00 hours. Together we cover global, answers in within hours.

Now ... feel free to ask, that is what we do.  We don't do a users project for them, we don't

read their manuals for them, and we aren't librarians.  If the user is trying, so are we.

You think you were disappointed with a simple Editor hardcode - who uses so many pictures?

I found the attribute/code line barrier at 65534, but then the b[.id] array was introduced.

The Nextion is pretty powerful, I am almost finished with space invaders in Nextion side Logic.

There are several ways to get help with figuring out how to do something for your project.

 - One is the Tools, Tips, Tricks and How-TOs .. there users are asked suggest How-TOs

-  Another is Stump-the-Chump Nextion Challenge.

   ... We'll figure out how to accomplish almost everything (unless truly impossible)

-  Or simply open a thread in Free Chat ... we and users will answer.


But, for the picture limits, it just wasn't foreseen for an average HMI

  - And seriously, who knew where that limit was. Well, you found it.

  - every holder for picture resources in the Editor becomes a memory hog

    so you can't just say new limit is 40,000 or the Editor won't run on some systems.

    there has to be a balance.

This you pointed out to us, it is now handled as I sent to the dev team right away.

So perhaps your next steps for the immediate is getting a handle for glyphing

  - so your project can continue while the dev team works on the hard coded limit.

  - and I noted items that can be combined into your backgrounds - this helps you.

  - Even a few reductions by these methods allow you to function within a limit

PS: I know they are busy currently getting Capacitive Multi-Touch ready.

   - lots of good things to look forward to n 2017

Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray Capacities Touch
Thanks a million For everything!

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