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Nextion manuals in pdf format

 Would it be possible to produce all the display documentation, command codes, basic user guide and the rest, in pdf format? The computer I use for familiarising myself with these displays is not connected to the internet and it would also be great to print out certain parts of the manual.

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pdf printer ... ?

It is absolutely possible for you to create a PDF of your interested topics from the webpages.  As such they would be available to you offline.  Maybe even try and save trees and not print.  Many programs exist for printing from program (web browser) to PDF.  Standard print driver included in Windows 10.   But this is beyond the scope of Nextion products to discuss here.

Hello Patrick,
Yes is possible to make a PDF for nextion instruction and a quick manual for it
but I did it and some picture are out of the paper format
but I give a copy for all Nextion users.
same for the instruction set
I'm sorry to say, you do a nice job but it is not easy to jump between Wiki, forum and so on.
I spend many hours to start. I'm still searching...



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mhmhmhmh I just wonder how people survived before internet aera ... I guess you never jump to a real library and had to wait for a technical book for a few weeks because it was just lend out ... THAT was not easy ... :-)

anyway, thank's for your contribution ... we will feature it at a better place ...

Hello Gerry,
you right !
Nextion is a very nice solution, (I hope...) but for newbye, and no english/american people is not easy to start. so simple think as .PDF is a good help.
You know I'm French 67years old, and I passed long hours in library ...but I count my days now ! :-)


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Hello Jean-Pierre,

Un grand merci à vous !

Jp030405 Thank you for your contribution I am glad someone is attempting to do something about this mess. I am the same age as you and can say that people managed perfectly well without the internet, when an instruction manual and tutorials were written they did just that, taught how to use the product. To compare with waiting for a book is completely erroneous. Even if I have to wait weeks for a "How to..." when I get it I expect it to tell me how to. This display has been out for a number of years now and absolutely no effort has been made to improve the literature or even present it properly.


Thanks Rob for your post.
I did a lot of machine (special machine for laboratory)  and I wrote  the technical book for them.
my challenge : the user could use the machine without reading the doc. !
for Nextion it is a little bit more difficult... :-)
but I  discover it and I like it.


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Manuals were placed more appropriately

Nextion Gallery -> Tools, Tips, Tricks and How-TOs thread pinned to top of Gallery.

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