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Other Character Language

 I can make the font for the other language, but i cant put it like
this because the code generator will convert it to

How can i put other language text?

The char generation is used for regions around the globe.

In Asia where the computer system has gb2312 support

then creating an HMI using gb2312 encoding makes sense,

As such - the "user in this region" 's system is able to type 語言

Likewise in Russia iso-8859-5 makes sense as this matches

closely their systems used.

So, How can i put other language text?

Have your system configured for that other language

and select your HMI encoding to match

well i mean when paste the character and put it in code editor... but when i change the code editor menu like (from Touch Press Event(xx) to Touch Release Event(xx)) it just convert to "?" not even close to get printed to the HMI or emulator

and my system(windows) language can put the other language


So as you brought in the gb2312 character set

 - switch your windows language support

 - in your HMI change Device/Display/Encoding to gb2312

 - and then from your keyboard input the need keystrokes via keyboard.

lower ascii is supported

gb2312 is supported

iso-8859 series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13, and 15

ok thanks i can copy paste now, remebered

 - in your HMI change Device/Display/Encoding to gb2312

thanks patrick~

ok one more thing, how can i change the encode again if i cant put other language text like that? (when editor cant detect the character because i made it in gb2312)


Perhaps I should state that the Nextion Editor is to create your HMI.

As such, understanding the needs of your regional user have to be taken into account.

Your HMI design is encoded into one of the supported encodings

 - This isn't so that you can have fun writing out "language" in all available typesets

 - it is so that your MCU will aid in displaying the native characters of your end user in the

   manner common to the local computing standards of your end users.

 - Understanding the local systems of a selected region is necessary to interface

With your HMI encoded in such regional setting then for example:

  byte 248 sent from MCU represents the proper meaning from your selected region

in ascii - characters end at 127 - there is no 248

in gb2312 Simplified Chinese, byte 248 may have no meaning, or one of many

in iso-8859-1 Latin 1 - Scandinavian Ø (used loosely for Math Empty Set)

in iso-8859-2 Latin 2 - Czech ř

in iso-8859-3 Latin 3 - Dutch ĝ

in iso-8859-4 Latin 4 - Scandinavian Ø (common with iso-8859-1)

in iso-8859-5 Cyrillic ј

in iso-8859-6 Arabic may have no meaning

in iso-8859-7 Greek ψ

in iso-8859-8 Hebrew ר

in iso-8859-9 Turkish Ø (common with iso-8859-1)

in iso-8859-11 Thai ๘

in iso-8859-13 Baltic ų

in iso-8859-15 Latin 9 - Scandinavian Ø (common with iso-8859-1)

So when your HMI need regional considerations, to coincide with the MCU

 - this is what the encodings of your HMI are designed to assist with.

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