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MULTI-Touch Capacitive @ storefont

What's this I am seeing on the ITead website? Multi-touch screen???

Alright Patrick / Gerry!  How about spilling the beans?  ;-)   Excited to read the note on the iTead homepage about a future KS campaign. I'm in! Just tell me where to throw my $$$! LOL...

We will launch a crowdfund campaign for capacitive multi-touch Nextion. Leave your email address, and we will inform you at the first time we launch the campaign, so that you'll be able to snap up the "early bird" perk...

Those who provided their email address received Advanced Notice

Result was
$10,643 USD raised by 84 backers - 27% of $40,000  fixed goal

Capacitive 7.0" is now available in web storefront

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I am indeed not privy to such details.

I assume there is more Far East flavour of "bulk" than not.

But as revealed in the campaign, Capacitive started a year ago

 - and what date could have been provided for it then

So announce when available is much much better solution.

It isn't just a company policy, but a better practise.

I think if we compare to say .. others, - yeah no names

When they announced things a year out and feature to be unlocked in 6 months

They lost much market and many of their supporters when it didn't happen in 6.

At 9 months, they lost even more

After 12 frustrations set in ... heavily

When they finally got it worked out after 16 months from announcing it

they were  10 months behind "promised date"

They have less than 5% or their original supporters, and damaged reputation.

I think the Nextion users here deserve better than that.

So no Vapourware is a good thing.

Aaaaarghh - and now free shipping! ;)

Actually I'm tempted to order new complete solution - eBay will come to the rescue for my other 7" screen but I need more info on the enclosure.

I will start a new topic so that others may find the information they also require.



On Nextion Indiegogo crowdfunding project I paid for a 4.3” CTP because I need this size not the 7".  On the Nextion Indiegogo crowdfunding project there was an announcement that the 4.3” will be ready around June 2017. Is this still going to happen for the 4.3"? If yes, those who `funded' the project will be notified please?



Paid for would be the wrong term 

Indiegogo was a fixed campaign - all or nothing.

Reaching 27% of goal - all pledges would have been refunded.

What happened with the 7.0" was when it was decided

 - it was also made available in the storefront.

I imagine, as will all new models released thus far

 - that once they are available, they will be in store.

Until then, it is unknown date of and if it will be added.

is it already June???? :-)

"No VaporWare Policy ..."

sorry, when we have something to publish, we will be the very first who will do ...

We won't state any about things which are not finished. It wouldn't be very seriouse to give any ETA or other promise, which we maybe can't fulfill ... too many things can happen which may influence a given workflow ...

And there is nothing more bad than delay a given promise ... so, we just don't do ... sorry ...

so just stay tuned ... we will inform when things are ready for ...


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