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MULTI-Touch Capacitive @ storefont

What's this I am seeing on the ITead website? Multi-touch screen???

Alright Patrick / Gerry!  How about spilling the beans?  ;-)   Excited to read the note on the iTead homepage about a future KS campaign. I'm in! Just tell me where to throw my $$$! LOL...

We will launch a crowdfund campaign for capacitive multi-touch Nextion. Leave your email address, and we will inform you at the first time we launch the campaign, so that you'll be able to snap up the "early bird" perk...

Those who provided their email address received Advanced Notice

Result was
$10,643 USD raised by 84 backers - 27% of $40,000  fixed goal

Capacitive 7.0" is now available in web storefront

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LOL ... Don't blame me, I am 12 hours behind Itead.  I usually ask Gerry to tell me what happens in the future, but there is usually little said so as not to influence the time continuum.  Sure wouldn't mind yesterday's/tonight's winning lotto numbers.

A crowd-funded capacitive multi-touch - sounds sooo good!!

I'll be looking forward to it

It would sure make my Space Invaders easier

- imagine fire and moving at the same time .... Huh!

Also Nextion IO Expansion cable available

ok, the cat is out the sack ...

as already stated some time ago in 2016 ... amazing things will happen in 2017 ... hehehehe

but no further details now, just stay tuned a few days more ... soooooooooon ...

but I can tell, I had all already in my fingers for final testings and I already did the first working slick demo ...

many people really spend a lot of time and energy in the past few month to let 2017 happen ... and I can tell you all, it was worth the waiting ...

if it wouldn't be March, I'd say Santa is on the road again ...


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I registered my e-mail address in the link provided in the first post, but I didn't receive any e-mail after the Indiegogo campaign was launched...

I have also checked the spam folder.

Raphael - have you received yet?

Yes, I actually received it today :-)

With 10 days to go it isn't looking good.  As these are ready to ship in April I would assume you're already producing them?  Can we convert our "pledges" into orders?

I really hope it does go through.  With more then 50 7" CTP displays I'm sure it would have.

So what future has this product? Will production be launched? Should backers wait for their panels?  

I am sorry I don't have enough details. 

The desire would be somehow for the product to be realized.

Limited (quantity) prototypes were created, and capacitive HMIs did indeed work.

Costs for setup/tear down would be less than optimal on less demand

Shorter production runs mean more costly the product

But on a fixed goal campaign? Itead will have received no money from.

So I assume orders would need to be placed differently and/or again

But I will post again when we know more solid details. Too many assumptions now.

I personally find it a little strange that a company which on one side has such a wide product portfolio does on the other side need a crowd funding campaign to raise 40,000$ just to launch a new product. I for example have been prototyping parts of my actual project with 3.2" and 3.5" NEXTION resistive touch displays and I've been amazed by the idea of seeing a NEXTION with capacitive touch. But since (in opposite to ITEAD) I'm only a one man part time company, it made no sense for me to back a project now, while I will start selling my product most probably only in one year. But honestly, I think I'll not go longer with ITEAD and the NEXTION displays for the following reasons: - Retail prices are prohibitive for people like me. I understand that the WYSIWYG editor saves greatly engineering time and cost, but that does not count if you do everything alone from your own free time and pocket. My free time has no cost. And thus I can buy for much less money a non intelligent touch display on AliExpress, connect it via SPI to an ARM Cortex M4 processor, use a ready to use and open source graphics library (thus adaptable to individual needs), and write a few lines of code around to obtain the same result PLUS frame buffering, transparency, nice TTF rendering with variable character width, and much more. - Although I highly respect and appreciate Gerry's and Martin's efforts to keep these forums and user support animated, I see that they spend ways too much time showing workarounds and explaining why different things are not possible or will not be realized by ITEAD which apparently is for example not willing to make an effort to glue a more powerful processor (would rise the production cost by less than 2$) behind the displays to really compete with solutions as I described above. I as a "lone wolf" developer and project starter can follow the argumentation that ITEAD waits for the market before investing, but they apparently don't see that the market is waiting for them who should have the engineering power and the money to take a risk and moving forward, thus creating new markets. A single developer invests lots of idealism by himself, and he expects at least the same from potential partners which in his eyes should have not only more engineering potential but also more risk budget. - Other software platforms for intended mixed professional/hobbyist use are also not always open source. But as I experienced in the last 20 years, many companies are much more willing to try out suggestions from users, even if it's a single and very specific demand, providing betas and nightly builds to test the wider needs and acceptance which most times lead to new features which do not only satisfy the single demand, but create new use cases which others han't yet imagined. That's the expected dynamism which ITEAD does obviously not have. - After more than one year, the Nextion Editor is still on a 0.x version level which is an indicator of their motivation to make a dynamic and advanced product. And technically, it looks like cheaply and quickly tinkered together using the Microsoft .NET framework which raises the bar for porting it to more serious platforms like Linux and Mac, since for these, the application would have to be rewritten mostly from scratch. - As written above, it is IMNSHFO not serious to launch a new product based on a $40,000 crowdfunding. That's just one weekly salary of the CEO, I suppose. If they don't have this ridiculous amount available by themselves, I fear that they can not be the long term partners that I (and for sure others) wish to work with. To resume: I personally feel badly supported by ITEAD, perhaps because I'm not (yet) an important client, but still in a very low budget development phase. Apparently, they are not interested in doing what they could to support and satisfy people like me now in order to get perhaps an important client ordering several hundreds NEXTION displays in 6 or 12 months. They even seem to not consider trying out most user suggestions which hinders them most probably from making a really appealing product and thus gaining a more important market share. For the moment, after a first enthusiasm for the product idea, but after reaching the first limits and spending more and more time on looking for workarounds , and being discouraged by the (as I feel it) lack of dynamism and constructive/evolutive support, I'm just deeply disappointed.

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Thank you for your time.

 - Prices too prohibitive for you and you ask for cost to increase?

But you base a lot on a lack of understandings.

 - such as CEO does not get 40K a week

Many said they would like such Capacitive displays

 - such effort to make Capacitive was indeed made,

 - Short run prototypes were made and indeed they work.

 How many to make on Production Run?

 - Indiegogo shows not 1000's or 10,000's

   but 84 people wanted.

Such production runs need to be arranged for long term commitments

 - just as the existing Nextion models have long term commitments

   so that customers like you have many year availability to count on.

But Itead indeed took the risk, made and developed working prototype

1 1/2 month on indiegogo showed that community not willing to back with bucks

Such development costs were invested by Itead - up front to develop it

Such Indiegogo campaign risked nothing to community - goal wasn't met.

Every and All suggestions were presented to Nextion development team.

I will not make any apologies to the users for giving frank opinion if request had a shot

I said I would be users voice, and users voice to Itead I am, this was role I was given.

But I am a glorified Nextion user now with forum duties.

I have spent much of my time to get users past their hurdles

I have what you have to make something work

But when making it work now and not however long until dev team implements feature?

Are you recommending that I not waste my time to show how it can be done?

Should I just do bare minimum to only read and report from what I have read?

Wow, I see where all my personal effort and time as been appreciated

 - such was my own personal time I gave, my knowledge and skill

 - Chirstmas Day, New Years Day I gave answers  Today is Easter I give answers.

 - How long has it been that questions are unanswered for 24 hours

   Such use to be the normal, three weeks to three months with no responses.

   How many other users will help get you past hurdles as I have tried?

But hey thanks for being frank, at least now I know I have wasted my time and effort.

I'm really sad that you took it personally, Patrick, although I wrote that I highly respect and appreciate yours and Gerry's work! It's not your fault if the development team appears to be unresponsive, I think that everybody here understands that. It's thanks to you and Gerry that this forum is reanimated, it was completely dead before, which made that I even wouldn't have started my prototypes with Nextion because I found the lack of direct support from ITEAD (no reply for several months) just highly disrespectful towards potential clients, and highly unprofessional. It was when I saw that you and Gerry started to help users and you promised to be the users' voice that I had hope again and started prototyping with Nextion HMI. But then, I saw that besides your great personal efforts, almost nothing seemed to have changed behind the scenes in China. The users' voice arrives there thanks to you both but it seems not to be heard which is - I repeat it - not your fault! About my mentioning of prohibitive prices: Everybody can roughly set up the BOM of a Nextion display, check the components' prices in China on platforms like Alibaba when bought in batches of several thousands, and then see how much "air" there is. About capacitive displays: Why not make a first batch of 1000, send 100 of these to existing professional and industrial customers who have already ordered hundreds of Nextion displays in the past as a gift, so that they can try it out without risk and then use it in future releases of their products which would generate huge and predictable orders? That's how most European companies (including the one for which I work at my day job) accompany the marketing of their new products. And if an important customer calls with a feature request, he gets the IT manager (me) in person at the phone. I listen to the request, discuss feasibility and urgency, and I thank him for helping improving our products. Then I call a few other important customers to see if that requested feature would be interesting for them, too, before prioritizing the development. As soon as there is a beta version (after one week if high priority, latest after 3 months if low priority, but there is a fixed 3 months update schedule, so nobody waits lever onger than that), the one who made the request and those who were also interested after I called them get that beta for testing before everybody gets it with the next scheduled update. That's how the company I work for does customer support (and not only in the IT department for which I'm responsible). And that's how I expect other companies to do it. It is clear that ITEAD would not take phone calls from small businesses or hobbyists, there is this forum for that and two moderators which filter and translate the voice of the people. But then that filtered translation must be heard and there must be a reaction, not only from the moderators, but from the developers or marketing people themselves and be it only for respect and politeness. Supporting small businesses and hobbyists and creating new products for them does not pay if you rely only on these. But if ITEAD does a smart mixed account balance, having the big industrial customers paying indirectly for innovation and support, hobbyists and small businesses can benefit from that and thus get the needed help and motivation to become more important customers.

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Current Nextion models have Long Term Availability and SLA

 - this currently exists, products developed with Nextion already have supply stability.

With a roughly 5 year LTA, I think that is more stable than any cell phone

 - and the quality of the display is well above comparative quality - near gold if compared

 - this should be plenty to develop products with confidence

   not many other suppliers will provide such commitments

For capacitive, the same LTA/SLA would indeed be nice

 - numbers were more than weak, weak just doesn't describe 84 of 100,000 user base

 - Itead still eager to find way to provide Capacitive

    - but in real business terms, price can never be same as larger orders under LTA

      (in China, suppliers require large number to produce, not 5 and 10)

 -  Please don't try to bring Alibaba prices into .. it doesn't compare in same manner.

    If 100,000 month units between a few customers, cost per 1000 can be had in this manner

    but when not of same group to hit such numbers, no such deal will exist.

    Itead has already agreements with supplier to provide LTA

To be fair, over 7 months of development effort was made for Capacitive Touch (Aug 2016-Mar 2017)

Many things were also done within the Nextion Editor from v0.37 Aug 7, 2016 till now.

  - Event Editor helper when editing events

  - Event Editor helper when in Debug Simulator

  - Stabilized Blue Theme that was killing XP

  - minimized truncation to font on generation

  - Added Checkbox and Radio

  - Added several new attributes including .key

  - Keyboard added for all sizes

  - Page import/export with encryption

Many things were also done in the firmware

 - upper optimizations

 - reorganization for component expansions

 - reduced overhead and increased speed a few times

 - new commands were brought into play

 - much more in global language support

Many of these ... were in Featured Request

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